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Episode 29 A Grand Evening

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In this episode we take in some of the talented musicians who perform every night at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, along the way we touch on Resort "free with stay" postcards, Disney Shopping opportunities in the Carolinas, and "thank yous" to a few friends.

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The Recent update to the website about WDW's resort hotels is chapter number 12 of the WDW: A History in postcards section of the site, the page links for that update are below, and I'll have the Grand Floridians page in BOLD PRINT:

The other episode that has two of the songs featured in this episode was Audio was Episode 19 of the podcast:

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Grand Floridian Jazz Orchestra - introductory set

I only picked up the tail end of this one song, although it certainly a familiar sounding jazz tune, and at one point during the bass solo I can hear a little bit of "lullabye in birdland" I am not familliar enough with that tune to know if the rest of it is part of that tune, or if he is just quoting a little bit of that as a sort of referance in his solo.

Grand Pianist Christian

Grand Floridian Jazz Orchestra - full set


lots of pictures of both acts are in the trip report from this trip:

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