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Disney's All-Stars Resorts

In 1994 Walt Disney World gained a Value resort...and it lost three others, but that wasn't a bad thing, you see with the addition of a new lower price point with the All Stars resorts, the previous Value resorts, Caribbean Beach Resort, Port Orleans, and Dixie Landings all became "Moderate" resorts (if I remember what I heard correctly this came with a jump in price for all of those resorts as well). According To Disney A to Z the first unit at All Star Sports to open was the "Surfing" building (opening April 29, 1994) which would seem to indicate that it went through a "staged" opening much like that of Dixie Landings (with the last unit opening by Aug. 11). The staged opening was likely also used to train employees for it's first sister resort All Star Movies which began it's opening in November of that same year. These two resorts proved so popular that they repeated the same basic design of the resort one more time, only with different "icons" for All Star Movies which opened beginning in January of 1999.

All Star Sports

Being the first of the All Stars Resorts to open this was likely the first free with stay card offered for these resorts, since just after the turn of the millennium the value resorts have ceased having this type of card, so the few seen on this page are quite likely the only ones ever offered for these resorts.

ASspt-640 (48K)

All Star Music

ASMu-640 (51K)

Above: When Music opened instead of going with a large odd sized card like the one issued for Sports which measured 4 x 7 a smaller card was issued in fact it was a real throw back to the OLD days of WDW it was 3 x 5 which anyone who's read this site for very long may recall was called "standard size, because in this country it was the standard up until the 1980's when 4 x 6 "Continental" sized cards became the norm ( but not the standard ;-} )

Below: Once both resorts had been operational for a while they got this nice card featuring images from both resort (it looks like there are probably five images from each resort. I actually found this card pushed back in a corner of a drawer in my room when I first stayed at All Star movies way back in January of 2000.

AS-music-sports-640 (68K)

All Star Movies

With the addition of All Star Movies in 1999 the two resort card from above was re-worked into a three resort card.

AS-Sp-Mu-Mo-640 (63K)

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