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Disney's Boardwalk

On July 1, 1996 a new resort opened along with new shopping, dining and nightclubs the Boardwalk opened on the opposite side of the Crescent Lake from the Yacht and Beach Clubs, this resort has the shortest walk to the studios theme park, and even the walk to Epcot is not much farther than that of the Yacht Club additionally it has its OWN restaurant district, nightclubs, and even live entertainment out on the Boardwalk 5 nights a week, these things combine to make it the favorite resort of many folks who stay in the deluxe resort category. (sources Disney A to Z 2nd ed.)

BW-mick-640 (94K)

Above: although I'm aware of at least one earlier card for the Boardwalk, that one was related to the DVC side of the resort and will turn up in the chapter on the DVC. As far as I'm aware this card didn't turn up until around 2003 or so, I'm not sure if any other Boardwalk cards ever appeared.

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