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It seems to many long time fans of Walt Disney World that perhaps in the late 80's and on through the 1990's that EVERYTHING at the Walt Disney World resort got renamed with the addition of Disney's onto the names of absolutely everything! I don't alway remember to add that "Disney's" onto every name but in the next set of cards a lot of these stuck out like a sore thumb so it was kind of hard to miss as it does seem more obvious when something that has for a LONG time gone by a name that didn't have Disney's before it suddenly starts seeing it on everything associated with it.

Disney's Polynesian Resort

poly-640 (50K)

Above: This Was the "free with stay" card for the Polynesia--uuuh Disney's Polynesian Resort in the mid to late 1990's
Below: Since it was reprinted for several years the card above comes in various backs the ones I have of it can be seen below.

poly-longback-640 (49K) poly-toon-640 (83K)

Above: The Poly...err Disney's Polynesian resort received a refurbrishment to it's pool in 2001 (Allears.net http://allears.net/acc/faq_poly.htm) I belive it was shortly after that when this new card was issued.
Below: The upper image of the two below is the more faithful reproduction of the card, but the one below it pulls out the color to show the wonderful design on the back of this card which is a sort of map of the renovated pool area.

poly-toon-back-fade-640 (56K) poly-toon-back-bright-640 (96K)

Disney's Contemporary Resort

The exterior of the Contemporary Resort hasn't changed all that much over the years so the newer naming is one of the few ways to place this card in the 1990's.

contemp-640 (58K)

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Here's one that was a bit of a puzzle when I first got it, I asked a postcard collecting buddy of mine about it and he confirmed what I suspected this card was available in the Disney's Fort Wilderness Cabins, as well as at the desk free for the asking. (Thanks Ted, if you're still out there somewhere drop me a line sometime). As far as I know this may have been the only "free with stay" postcard ever offered at the campground, it's certainly the only one of that type that I know of.

FTWLD-640 (73K)

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