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Episode 2006-07 Show Notes

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This episode has some very special audio in it, it was taken during our Honeymoon in 2002, it's posting coincides with the addition of a trip report on my web site, about twenty pages with something like 450 new pictures to the site , all these images were from our Honeymoon trip to WDW in 2002. There are several pieces of audio from that trip that will appear in future episodes of Big Brians Disney Podcast, including two of the absolute best pieces, that are in this episode, which were recorded AT the Halloween Party. Those pieces are; the Halloween Riverboat Cruise featuring a ghost story delivered by Auntie Bellum and music by the Lone Strangers (The Notorious Banjo and Brothers and Bobs Halloween costumes), and A Diamond Horseshoe Halloween performance with much of the old cast of the Horseshoe, Jingles, Dr. Bill, Professor Terrace, and special guests the Cadaver Dans (an undead barbershop quartet).

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  1. my pictures from the Halloween party
  2. The Honeymoon Trip Report pages...
  3. The Disney podcast Network is located at


since most of the audio in this episode had lyrics you could tell what songs are from by those, still here are a few notes.

WDW postcards

I did mention that theres a new chapter up on the postcards side of the site, here are the new pages

  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 1 Surprise!
  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 2 New Resorts
  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 3 Around The World
  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 4 World Showcase Gains Some Character
  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 5 Villains
  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 6 Disney Gallery images
  • Chapter 11 The Early 1990's Page 7 reprints listing

  • One last thing I added a new ending tag line, it was literally something that had just occurred to me on the spot that I wanted to add. It's a phrase my wife came up with my wife uses it different way, for instance she tells me when she's done using me for things she need helps with "you go on and Mouse it up" she used it other ways too like, if I get off the phone with a friend who likes Disney she might say did you two have fun Mousein' it up? I really like the phrase, it really put's a name to what I've been doing for the past ten years since I re-discovered Disney, and more so since I started my web site, so, for me, the Mousin' it up since 1997 phrase on the main page really looks just right.

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