Honeymoon - October 31, 2002 - Magic Kingdom
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Since we had parked at the Contemporary in the morning, for the train tour this was our first time through the Ticket and Transportation Center, I don't think we got on a Disney bus the whole trip, we used our car for pretty much everything, not to say that we didn't use any Disney transport, after all, without using Disney transport the Magic Kingdom would be quite a hike from it's parking lot, so on the way in we hopped on the monorail...

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Carlene didn't take a lot of photos at the party so I'll just mix them in to my pages here.
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I can't really recall everything we did that day, though I think we hit Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Tiki Room before heading over to the Diamond Horseshoe. The Dancing girls had the day off but we had the MC "Doctor Bill", the singin cowboy, Professsor Terrance the Magician, and of course "Jingles" on the piano. I used my good mic, and today I had my batteries in correctly! I got some great audio of the show, and since in honor of the Halloween party we had "dressed up" in matching shirts and Bride and Groom Music Ear hats we got a fair bit of attention from the performers too.

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As it got to be close to time for the party or the park close an hour before the party, I thought to keep from having to go out of the park we might want to have a meal and take our time, so we did that only to realize later that wasn't necessary they weren't clearing the party goers out of the park, and having them line up to re-enter still we had a nice time listening to Sonny Eclipse.

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Above: Haunted riverboat story teller Auntie Bellum

Once the party got going I wanted to catch two of the party events in particular, the riverboat story teller who had an opening and closing act called the Lone Strangers. The Lone Strangers are actually the Frontierland music group known as The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob, all three dressed in matching costumes with Lone Ranger style masks. So we got on the first river cruise of the night and the Story teller was great and again we had some nice comments and attention given to us in our Bride and Groom garb, and more great audio! but, I was a bit disappointed to see that the Lone Strangers didn't show. Still I took it in stride there was plenty of party left and so instead I focused on our next destination, the Halloween version of the Saloon show at the Diamond Horseshoe. Both the River boat cruise and the Halloween show at the Horseshoe were covered in episode 07 (link to show notes) of my pod cast.

to listen, right click, and "save target as"----> http://media.libsyn.com/media/bbdp/bbdp2006-07.mp3

Carlene's shot Catches Auntie in full Melodrama

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Above: There were several large Halloween Balloons here and there, I don't know why the would sky came out so orange.

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Above: the Cadaver Dans Barbershop Quartet (yes the Dapper Dans) at the Horseshoe

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