Vinson High School class of 1985

After returning from my 20-year class reunion it only seemed right I should do a web page devoted to my high school class.

I was a bit nervous about attending this reunion, I had attended my tenth year reunion, but that was when I was still married to my first wife, I guess I sort of knew that others in our class had went through changes in these last ten years as well but I was still nervous,a heck a lot had happened during those ten years.

The plans called for a dinner on Saturday night, and a picnic Sunday both to be held in the Old Stone House located on the grounds of the Saint Cloud park. At first my wife kept thinking I was talking about a picnic shelter, but I assured her that this was indeed a closed in building like a house, I had been in it some years earlier when I worked in the circulation department at the Herald-Dispatch newspaper, some of the employees had rented it out for a Halloween party, So I was familiar with it from that. Looking at my wife's apprehension now, I wonder if any of the folks who did not attend did so out of the same fear? Undoubtedly some of the folks who missed it missed it because there was no notice of it until well into this year for many of us. I first heard of it on April 30th well after my vacation time for the year had been mapped out (I've been planning at being in Disneyland on July 17th the 50th anniversary of its opening since at least 1998). Hopefully we can get notice out to people a year in advance for "25 ".

Upon arriving about 45 minutes late I was relieved to see not too awful many cars were in the lot yet!(that's my class! punctuality is not our middle name). We were greeted by a photographer, which brought out some good stories later in the night as we recalled there had indeed been a photographer at the 10 year reunion, however this time the photographer asked for no money in advance, and Lisa (formerly Curnutte) assured us she knows where to find this lady six days a week as she works with her at the hospital As soon as I opened the door to the old stone house I heard Todd Dunkles voice say rather loudly "Beave!" a reference to my High school nick name, that immediately put me somewhat at ease, though it took a little while longer until that process was completed

A lot of folks had a lot of things they had changes after these 20 years, a few grey hairs were seen, and boy, our class sure produced a lot of folks who work in the medical field especially nurses.

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