VHS class of 1985 reunion: Twenty Years

Sunday July 3, 2005 The Picnic First off I want to apologize for the delay in getting these pictures up, I wrote a quick test page when I first got back from the trip, it included the group photo just below, and the request for the proper last names of the married women in our class since I only remembered their maiden names. I have also managed to forget most everyones kids names too. Also I was hoping not only to get the corrected information but pictures of the previous night there had been taken with the disposable cameras provided but none have been forthcoming as of yet. Also, I have yet to hear from the photographer that took the pictures the first night of the event... so with any luck there will be more to come. please feel free to correct my mistakes E-mail me: martsolf@mindspring.com

I can't say these pictures are representative of the whole picnic... although I did want to take some pictures, the main point was to relax and have fun so some folks may be represented more than others. No slight intended to those under represented here. Hopefully other folks who want to share their images will help round these out a bit.

A few folks showed up at the picnic who were not at the dinner the night before. We took this group shot.

group photo
Back Row: Brian Martsolf, Todd Dunkle (over Brians right shoulder), Brad Wheeler, Dale Albright, Ray Herbert, Richard Thompson front row: Penny Norris (married name?), Shenandoah Barker(married name?), Shellie Hanshaw (married name?), Kim Wilkes (married name?), Lisa Curnutte (married name?), Jerry Utt, Greg Lucas.

This day was the more relaxed family day, and much of the activity took place outside, there wasn't much in the way of scheduled events, everyone just got to gab a good bit, relax, and enjoy the day. As such there aren't really other group photos, but there are lots of photo of individuals, and small groups, having fun.

reunion01 (39K) reunion06 (79K)

Above: Shanondoah's (formerly Barker) husband.

reunion08 (78K)

Above: I'm on the far left (back to the camera), in the Maroon shirt is Penny's (formerly Norris) husband I belive she helps him run his optometry (or is it opthalmology) practice. Penny is near the center, Renee, the small girl in the polka dot shirt is Todd Dunkle's daughter, the small boy with the bat is Noah, Todds son. Todd is partially hidden behind Noah.

reunion09 (70K) reunion10 (88K)

Above: Jerry Chat's with Gregs wife Kim Lucas (formerly Thornburg)

reunion11 (89K) reunion13 (94K) reunion17 (79K)

Above: Some of the kids including Ray and Dena Herberts (formerly Dena Sellers) daughter.

reunion18 (83K) reunion20 (43K) reunion21 (31K) reunion25 (29K)

Above: Here I'm chatting with Richard Thompson (Brad Wheelers wife in the background)

reunion26 (33K)


reunion27 (43K)

Above: Brad Wheeler and Ray Herbert.

reunion28 (37K) reunion29 (30K) reunion41 (31K) reunion42 (36K)

Above: Our local sheriff stopped in for a bit (yes that's Ken Gibson), below he chats with Dale Albright and Ray Herbert (I believe Ray also works in Law Enforcement).

reunion43 (38K) reunion44 (40K)

Above: Mr. and Mrs. Hodge stopped in for a while.

reunion45 (43K)

Above: My Wife Carlene Left took many of the pictures on this page (including almost all of the outdoor ones), the other woman at the Table is Dale Albright's wife, Jennifer.

reunion46 (42K)

Above: Kim Lucas (formerly Thornburg) and and Lisa (married name?) (formerly Curnutte)

reunion47 (44K)

Above: Greg suffering from event planning overload

reunion49 (36K)

Above: Lisa and Bill Parker

reunion50 (43K)

Above: Lunchtime!

reunion51 (37K) reunion53 (33K)

Above: after a little food Greg appears to be recovering from event planning overload

reunion54 (37K)

Above: Ray and Dena's little girl.

reunion55 (47K)

Above: Todd and his children (Noah and Renee).

reunion57 (40K)

Above: Shellies daughter Adriana

reunion61 (52K)

Above: Kid's at Play

reunion74 (71K)

Above: Shanondoah's (formerly Barker) husband and their girl.

reunion75 (64K)

Above and Below: Todd (and Renee) at play.

reunion76 (65K) reunion77 (75K)

Above: Kim and Lisa.

reunion78 (53K) reunion80 (44K) reunion83 (31K) reunion84 (71K) reunion87 (43K) reunion88 (58K) reunion89 (71K)

Above: One of Greg & Kims kids gets perhaps a bit bored.

reunion90 (92K) reunion91 (72K) reunion92 (41K) reunion93 (98K)

Above: Todd Dunkle's mom even stopped in for a bit.

reunion94 (74K) reunion95 (95K) reunion96 (80K) reunion97 (89K) reunion98 (71K) reunion99 (43K)
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