VHS class of 1985 reunion: Twenty Years

Saturday July 2, 2005 The Dinner
Thanks To Dale Albright for providing the pictures on this page. 650_0176 (85K)
Foreground: Dale, Greg, Todd
Left Background: Lisa's husband and Lisa's coworker (who was the photographer for the event there is a link to her site on the previous page)
Right Background: Me, Jerry Utt, Bill Parker

650_0177 (71K)
Bill Parker
650_0178 (74K)
Foreground: Shannon, Lisa, Penny's husband, and Penny. Background: Shannon's husband.
650_0179 (68K)
Foreground: Penny and Kim.
Background: Lisa and Penny's husband.
650_0180 (79K)
Bill looks deep in remembrance here
650_0181 (49K)
Greg being a "good listener"
650_0182 (56K)
The room was decorated with a good amount of 1980's and VHS memorabilia, the rest of the photos on this page are of that. 650_0183 (66K)
650_0184 (52K)
650_0185 (87K)
650_0186 (54K)
650_0187 (71K)
650_0188 (77K)
650_0189 (39K)

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