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This page is an attempt to keep a set of links to the other various places you can find me on the web.

Articles I've Written

All Ears.Net Brian Martsolf Reports http://www.allearsnet.com/btp/brianm.htm

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I FINALLY figured out how to refine this search to JUST bring in videos by me, and only from my google video account, this link USED TO bring in videos by others who used bigBrian in thier videos titles or descriptions (mostly one guy who is a weight lifter), and it also used to pull in my videos from my youtube account as well. I simply made this a link (in the Google video search function) to a search for the terms bigbrian-nc.com and video.google.com together, and that seems to do the trick! a complete listing of my google videos uninterupted by extraneous information!

Message Groups

Disney World Trivia.com

Disney Podcast net



LetsTalk About Disney.com

Inside The Magic

Mouse Guest Weekly

Dis unplugged podcast


Burnsland.com Disney Railroad Discussion Boards

Yahoo groups

Big Brians Disney podcast group


Ears to Ears

World of Motion group



Universe of Energy Tribute Group

2007 Mousefest

Dapper Dans

Disneyland Resort Information

Disney Music Loops

Disney Monorail Toy

Window to the Magic

The Sound of Magic

News Group Profile

RADP via google



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