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A Very Magic morning (continued)

Sounds from the Jungle Cruise, Woody's Roundup, and Cinderellas Royal Saxaphonists that go with the photos on this page are in an episode of my podcast To open the sound file now,you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive.
SHOW NOTES Episode 15 The Jungle Cruise/ Woody's Roundup/ Cinderellas Royal Saxaphonists/ NC RADP

PICT0152_0139 (210K) PICT0154_0137 (153K)
Above: I believe the fellow loading the boat above is the skipper who I later recorded this same evening during the Christmas party.
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By the time I got to the boarding are the Wamba Wanda had made it around again and so I ended up on the ship skippered by Jungle Jessica. Since this is the boat with the wheelchair accessible lift I'm guessing that you are more likely to get an experienced skipper since they probably get additional training to run that equipment. Jessica sure had her timing down she even did the "panel kick" that I've only seen a few skippers do well and she did it quite well, what I'm talking about when I say panel kick is that when you get to a point in the cruise when something is supposed to surprise you (like the natives attack just before passing Behind Schweitzer falls), the skipper reacts to the surprise, and at the same time kicks the metal panel at the front of the ship, but not in an obvious way, you see her duck and hear the thump and the reaction is a momentary real feeling of SURPRISE!! It's more as if she just heard the thump and is hiding because the boat IS under attack.

PICT0161_0130 (179K) PICT0162_0129 (154K)
Above: The two shots above are of a scene that was on an early postcard, , the angle here isn't too different, sitting on the other side of the boat or at the back you could probably still get pretty close to the exact same photo.
Below: a trio of early postcards to compare to the last few, and next few, pictures.

The photos below aren't from too different of an angle than the two shots above, and the elephant in the falls in particular is quite close to the original, the other scene, the poachers, is so different than the card it even in the same location??? ... look at the Zebra in the background on the card above and the rocks to either side of it... and the pair of Zebras in the photos below, again between the rocks... it may be the exact same location, but it seems that more set re-dressing has been done in this scene than just about any other on the cruise.

PICT0163_0128 (167K) PICT0164_0127 (170K) PICT0166_0125 (147K) PICT0167_0124 (168K)

After the very enjoyable trip through the rivers of the world, I decided to try my luck at getting some of the musical live entertainment groups. Looking once again to my live entertainment schedule I still had a fair bit of time, but I decided to head towards Fantasyland to catch a set of the Fantasyland Woodwind Society. When I got to Frontierland I found myself face to face with a hoedown Woody's Roundup was taking place, so I stopped and took it it for a bit (it was fairly near the end when I walked up though).

PICT0168_0123 (207K) PICT0169_0122 (224K) PICT0170_0121 (213K) PICT0171_0120 (210K) PICT0172_0119 (186K)

Brer' Fox spent quite a bit of time in this spot in front of the shootin' gallery, we'll see him again later. On the way in to Fantasyland I passed the old skyway station I wanted to get a good picture of the new layout, neither of these seems to really qualify, still they provide a decent view of the old station itself.

PICT0174_0117 (187K) PICT0175_0116 (188K)

I had to ask around a bit to try to find the Fantasyland Woodwind Society, but I did track them down eventually, it turns out that when they are actually performing in Fantasyland and in these costumes they are Cinderella's Royal Saxaphonists. this was the only set I caught of them on this trip, but I look forward to catching more from them on future trips.

PICT0176_0115 (167K) PICT0177_0114 (181K) PICT0178_0113 (194K) PICT0182_0112 (170K) PICT0183_0111 (175K) PICT0184_0110 (153K) PICT0185_0109 (151K)

I belive thee guy on the left was the spokesman for the group, and upon returning home and listening to his voice in the recording I made, his voice reminds me A LOT of a voice I have heard in some other folks old recordings of the Future Corps, I wonder if he is the same fellow.
Below: A video of the sax Quartet playing "Linus and Lucy" click it twice the first time activates the controls the second click actually plays it.

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