Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom

A Very Magical Day

After catching the bit of Cinderella Royal saxaphonists, I was ready to look for more live entertainment, I had a bit of time before the Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob's next set so I stopped at the Columbia Harbor House, actually I FIRST stopped at the pass through between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, I seemed to remember hearing on a pod cast that this pass through had it's own music to blend from the one land to the other, but after listening to it for a few minutes I was pretty sure it was simply the same loop as the one for the Columbia Harbor House, so I went in and sure enough it's part of the same soundscape, lot's of sea shanties in this loop. The decor is Nautical as well the mast heads of ships are used as decor here...

PICT0188_0108 (145K) PICT0189_0107 (147K)

Even the decor in the bathrooms is nautical, from the wall art...

PICT0191_0105 (86K) PICT0192_0104 (109K) PICT0193_0103 (124K) the woodwork around the sink area

PICT0194_0102 (93K) PICT0195_0101 (119K)

Even the signs leading to backstage areas are themed, like the set of doors here marked First officers quarters and shipmates only.

PICT0196_0100 (128K) PICT0197_0099 (155K) PICT0198_0098 (184K) PICT0201_0095 (155K) PICT0202_0094 (181K)

After getting those photos in the Harbour House I headed out, and took a few pictures of the Liberty Belle...

PICT0203_0093 (196K) PICT0204_0092 (171K) PICT0205_0091 (168K) PICT0206_0090 (162K) PICT0207_0089 (168K) PICT0208_0088 (161K) PICT0209_0087 (133K) PICT0210_0086 (234K) PICT0211_0085 (153K) PICT0212_0084 (156K) PICT0213_0083 (155K) PICT0214_0082 (165K)

I headed on into Frontierland, and stated asking around as to where The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob usually come out, I figured it was probably in the main strip in front of the shops and the Country Bear Jamboree, but, once they got to be a little late, since I couldn't find anyone who knew for certain just where the perform, I decided to check down near the far end of Frontierland just to be sure. A cast member down at that end confirmed for me that they do almost always perform in that strip I had originally been watching, so I headed back to find them on stage but they seemed to still be in their first song so I didn't miss too much, next time I'll know better where to start looking for them. This set was performed right in front of the Frontierland Shootin' Gallery.

PICT0215_0081 (185K) PICT0216_0080 (188K) PICT0217_0079 (141K)

You may remember that the Frontierland shootin' gallery is also where I had seen Bre'r Fox earlier, and he was still here as well, a song or two into the set of the Notorious B.B.B. (Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob) Brer' Fox noticed the microphone and decided to get into the act, Brer' pointed at the microphone and as he reached for it he paused and looked up at me, so I nodded yes and he took it over to the band and got an "audio close-up" for me. That wasn't the end of his antics either, when one of the wading birds that are so prevalent along this stretch of frontier river set down on the roof of the nearby DVC booth Bre'r Fox stepped out in the walkway in front of the booth and it was clear that he was eyein' the critter, at that point a nearby Security Host got into the act saying, as he walked up to Bre'r Fox "It isn't lunchtime yet!". Through all this the Notorious Bł kept right on playing, at ant one point later on in their set that Security host gave them a hand as well, or at lest got the guests to, he pulled out a notepad and opened it up to a page that said CLAP and opened and closed it in time with the music to get everyone in the spirit of audience participation.

PICT0220_0078 (170K) PICT0221_0077 (166K) clap (48K)

Near the end of the set, a voice came over the Frontierland sound system announcing that Woody's roundup was coming, these guys stayed right in character and continued playing, but at the same time, craning their neck to look around with looks on their faces that seemed to say "Where is that voice coming from?". As they wandered off stage I looked to see where they would exit, they headed into one of my favorite places the Diamond horseshoe Saloon, as they prepared to head off stage I quipped "Has anyone told you guy's that you bear a striking resemblance to the Lone Strangers?" (The Lone Strangers are their Halloween party persona). The normally less talkative of the two Banjo Brothers (the ones whos' Banjo resembles a guitar more in its shape) replied with a grin on his face "We think we're better looking that they are", to which I said, in what was for me, an unusually rapidly thought up reply, "that's why they wear the masks".

Sharing the fun!

After they headed off stage I settled in beside the building to reorganize all my equipment a lady with a British accent asked about my gear I think she said something like "you've piqued our curiosity" at least the last line (which will be in bold type below) of my reply to her seemed to get at the heart of something I haven't really been able to explain very well before a sort of answere to why do folks make podcasts... I told her "I record audio, mostly just because I enjoy Disney World , but also now they also have a thing called pod casting, people that enjoy Disney World share their audio with each other, I tend to go and get a lot of the live entertainment groups some of the other people tend to record rides (and) things like that We each have our own little specialties. I just recorded a group called the the Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob, there's two guys with banjo's and a guy with a tuba they're funny, their humorous, and their good musicians, and I recorded them, so that'll go on my podcast... I got a little movie of them too, so that'll go on you tube It's all about Sharing the Fun with friends.

Below: that YouTube video I mentioned (Jingle Bell Rock) of Notorious B.B.B. . Click it twice, the first time activates the controls, the second click actually plays it,

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