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Season 2007 Episode 15 Show Notes
The Jungle Cruise/ Woody's Roundup/ Cinderellas Royal Saxaphonists/ NC RADP

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In this Episode we have several audio bits recorded in the Magic Kingdom, Thursday Dec. 7, 2006, A ride on the Jungle Cruise, A bit of Woody's roundup, a conversation with some Disney fans, Most of a set of Cinderella's Royal Saxaphonists, an update on the contest I'm running, and an update to the Walt Disney World a History in Postcards page on the Kids of the Kingdom.

jess (67K) sax (24K)

Above left: Libsyn image Jungle Jessica
Above right: itunes image Cinderellas Royal saxaphonists.


The Challenge

There was something I referred to as an "audio pun, or a play on words" in the previous episode, Episode number 13 If you think you know what I am referring to simply E-mail Me with the answer. If you are the first person with the correct answer, or the one I draw from multiple submissions (assuming I get multiple submissions). You will get to choose your prize. Additionally if no one sends me the correct answer you can win simply by dropping me an email and telling me you want to enter.

The Prizes

you can choose between:



Cinderellas Royal Carousel was playing in the Background for much of the Fantasyland section, here's the track list for that You can Fly played before I went into the pooh shop where Poohs Exercise song was playing after I finally get settled in near the Carousel these songs played in the Carousels loop

Postcard Segment

Steph Truitt's nice informative emails on the kids of the Kingdom , are now included below the nice email I had from Jan Crews, which is what drew Stephs attention to my site to begin with.

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