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A Very Magic morning (continued)

Sounds from the barbershop that go with the photos on this page are in an episode of my podcast To open the sound file now,you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive.
SHOW NOTES Episode 25 Main Street Barbershop

Sounds from the Jungle Cruise that go with the photos towards the bottom of this page are in an episode of my podcast To open the sound file now,you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive.
SHOW NOTES Episode 15 The Jungle Cruise/ Woody's Roundup/ Cinderellas Royal Saxaphonists/ NC RADP

When I got on the train, I had no idea where I was going, but I decided to get off at Main Street. I was really feelin' the "Magic" this trip, it had been a long time since I had spent much time in the Florida parks and I had a LOT of things I wanted to do, and the next thing I decided to do was try to get my hair cut at the Main Street barber shop. I had never done this before and wanted to do it, my wife had been reminding me starting a few weeks before the trip that I need one, and this was the reason I had been waiting to do it. Possibly like a lot of you out there, I had heard about this barber shop because it had been featured in various places over the years I think the folks on the old Walt Disney World: Inside/Out show had visited the barber shop, also I think it had perhaps been written about in the Disney Magazine. When I got there both chairs were occupied, but within a few moments I found out that there was only one other person waiting, so I decided that this was a good time to do this. Also, the other folks waiting here tend to be people who "get" Disney World (why else would you get your hair cut here?), so I had a nice time chatting with folks while waiting.

PICT0121_0169 (142K) PICT0122_0168 (158K)

While waiting one lady I had been talking to asked if I was going to asked if I was going to get stuff put in my hair, I saw them putting glitter in peoples hair and that was ok, but I also thought I remembered seeing someone, in the past, with a colored tri-circle Mickey done in their hair, and that appealed to me more, so I said yeah I'd probably go for that. Soon it was my turn to get my hair cut, my Barber was Ann, I found out that she normally works at the castle (I'm thinking utilidors here) and does "show hair", though since all Disney cast members that are seen by the public are working "on-stage" I'm not sure what actually is meant by the term "show hair". She was nice and talkative enough to keep it interesting, she didn't even mind me leaving my microphone on while she cut my hair, so expect a segment on the barber shop on my pod cast eventually. When she finished cutting my hair she hadn't mentioned anything about putting anything in my hair, I wasn't set on it and so I just started to get up, but the lady I had been talking to while waiting said "aren't you going to get stuff in your hair" or something along those lines, and so I looked at Ann, and Ann looked at me and I said "SURE, let's go for it" or something along those lines. It looks to me (from the pictures below) as if the sparkle confetti obscures the Mickey head a bit, the circles of the Mickey are made with a hair gel, it washes out easily at the end of the day, though if you get the red gel, as I had, remember that when you go to wash it out that the water you wash it out with is going to look like you had a rather bad head wound!

PICT0123_0167 (141K) PICT0124_0166 (162K)

A fellow I know who used to work on Main Street told me about the window sign, below, at the entrance to the Emporium. I really enjoyed the Disney movie Summer Magic (link to IMDB), which featured a general store proprietor of this name (played by Burl Ives) so, I had to take a picture of this.

PICT0125_0165 (130K) PICT0126_0164 (122K)

After I got my hair cut I headed up Main Street, I saw an unusual sight the Trolley Show, well I know the Trolley show isn't unusual, they perform it every day...but they weren't performing it from the Trolley, they were performing the Trolley show from the omnibus, I kind of wish I had stopped to watch it now I'd like to see if they utilized that upper level of the omnibus any during the show, after Mousefest, over the Christmas holiday I saw the movie Meet me in Saint Louis, which I believe is where the song Clang, Clang Clang went the Trolley originated, it looked to me as if the trolley in that movie was a double decker like an omnibus. Instead I took a seat and, armed with my live entertainment schedule form Steve Soares site, waited for the first show of the day by the Main Street pianist, I later learned this fellows name is Mark, and the other fellow performs here is Jim, and I got to record sets by both of them this trip! While I was waiting I got to chat with a couple of Disney fans who were sitting nearby as well, and these folks were actually here for Mousefest! I also ran into them again later at another meet the DPN's watching Plants Grow meet.

PICT0127_0163 (124K) PICT0128_0162 (135K) PICT0129_0161 (147K) PICT0130_0160 (108K)

Marks Sock's were very festive, and in the holiday spirit, so I used the zoom, and took my first ever close up of a cast members socks.

PICT0132_0159 (138K) PICT0133_0158 (131K) PICT0134_0157 (227K) 01110203 CINDERELLA CASTLE  

Above and Below: In the first series of WDW photo post cards there was a postcard of Cinderella castle sold, one of the photos above is of that original card (either the one photo directly above this, or the one on the right if your screen is set wide enough that there are two images directly above this) in fact if you go back to my pictures from earlier this morning you can see it is still being sold! Anyhow, the other picture above (2nd one up if your screen is only showing one image directly above this or the one on the left if there are two images directly above this text) is nearly the angle that card was taken from... quite a bit different today, still I took a few more photos from this area later in the trip to try to make sure I had the correct angle. Now that I see them side by side though I think I never did back up far enough, oh well another photo opportunity for next trip. I think I took these from the "quiet area" behind Liberty Square.

PICT0135_0156 (241K) PICT0136_0155 (145K) PICT0137_0154 (152K)

Next, I was off to the Jungle Cruise, I wanted to take audio of several skippers this trip and so this was hight on my list, part of what turned me on to this idea were some great movies from a skipper I found on you tube link to you tube user AwwBabyElephants, when I first found this I more or less stumbled on to it, but I later realized I had heard the guys on the Laughing Place podcast mention this you tubers videos. I went on the Jungle Cruise three times this trip and each time had a good skipper! I wanted to try to get photos of the names of as many of the ships as possible, and while I was in line I got several of them, I also got some decent photos of the lift operation on the wheelchair accessible Cruiser.

PICT0138_0153 (195K) PICT0139_0152 (174K) PICT0140_0151 (148K) PICT0141_0150 (118K) PICT0142_0149 (129K) PICT0143_0148 (175K) PICT0144_0147 (129K) PICT0145_0146 (140K) PICT0146_0145 (176K) PICT0147_0144 (175K) PICT0148_0143 (146K) PICT0149_0142 (174K) PICT0150_0141 (147K) PICT0151_0140 (218K)

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