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Sundays, Monday, July 18 2005
A Storybook Day

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Having had such a long day the day before I was pretty happy that we were still able to get up and get into the park by shortly after 9 AM.

dl05-b 001 (54K) dl05-b 002 (53K) dl05-b 003 (40K)

As we came into Town Square the Main Street Marching band was already part way into their 9am set. As Carlene saw this she let me know she was going to browse a few of the Main Street shops while I did my thing, so, I pulled out my Mini-Disk recorder and found a spot near the band where I took a few photos while I recorded them.

dl05-b 004 (93K) dl05-b 005 (86K) dl05-b 008 (87K) dl05-b 009 (60K) dl05-b 010 (74K)

A few minutes after the concert ended Carlene walked back up and we started towards our first attractions of the day, we still hadn't tried one of the Fantasyland attractions I wanted to view the most the Storybookland Canal boats, I figured this would also be a hit with Carlene if for no other reason than the plants visible from the ride. As we got in line for the attraction a monorail started to pull up alongside the Matterhorn, I had tried to get a few photos of one the previous day, as we stood in Line for the Alice in Wonderland attraction, but I like this shot better.

dl05-b 011 (71K) dl05-b 012 (79K) dl05-b 013 (85K)

I told Carlene as we approached this attraction that although it had been almost twenty-four years since I had been to Disneyland it was likely closer to 30 years since I had been on this ride, because of the " that's for little kids" factor, this attraction would have had when I was last at Disneyland at the age of thirteen. This time around though Carlene and I did enjoy it.

dl05-b 014 (73K) dl05-b 015 (61K) dl05-b 016 (78K) dl05-b 017 (76K) dl05-b 018 (94K) dl05-b 019 (96K) dl05-b 020 (78K) dl05-b 021 (108K) dl05-b 022 (78K) dl05-b 023 (91K) dl05-b 024 (60K) dl05-b 025 (65K)

As we passed the Cinderellas Castle scene of the Storybookland canal boats we heard a cock chiming, I figured it for a sound effect relating to the fact that Cinderella had to leave the ball by midnight, and didn't pay close attention to it, but when I mentioned it to Carlene, she thought right away of the clock at It's A Small World. I still wasn't sure but it was the next thing I wanted to check out, since I had not been able to get video of the quarter-hour ceremony yet this trip as I had wanted to.

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