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General Motors World of Motion Related Items
For most of the pavillions of Epcot there were only one, or in some cases, two views in this series. This too was true for the World of Motion, but, that does not mean that this was the only postcard view available of the General Motors Pavilion and its' features. For the 1983 model year the General Motors Chevrolet vehicles were featured on a series of postcards, and the artistic backgrounds for these artists reditions of these Chevrolet vehicles were all inspired by, or directly taken from the World of Motion. Now since the cars released for a particular model year generally come out in the preceding physical year it seems quite likely that these cards are actually pre-opening postcards of Epcot Center. Not only that, but to have the art ready in time for the rollout of the vehicles (or possibly some set period of time ahead of that to promote the upcoming model year) the background art was either, inspired by Disney's own concept art of the attraction, or possibly the background art is Disney's and the car art was just added as an additional layer to the images. I don't have any know if these World of Motion related cards were ever available at the World of Motion, I suspect that, rather than that, they were actually available through the dealerships as a way to promote the 1983 line of cars.
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World of Motion Souvenir Guidebooks
General Motors not only produced more postcards of their pavillion than any other sponser I am aware of, they also gave out more souvenir paper (again as far as I'm aware) than the other pavilions for many years to follow, in the form of the souvenir guidebook the earliest one I have doesn't actually say souvenir guidebook on the cover and the cover is printed in a Horizontal Layout rather than a Vertical one. The copyright on the back is 1984 General Motors Corporation and there is a date on the back too 6/84 so I'm guessing this guide came into use in june of that year. That version of the guide is also much thinner than the later ones I have (which are from 1986 and 1989) it simply folds out three fold with an attached postpaid return postcard that makes a fourth fold. That postcard is one thing the three guides have in common, though the offer it makes varies some in each guide. These cards aren't much to look at the address sidesimly has the adress at GM where the card is going and the other side is spsces to be filled in with your personal information (including car buying plans). the earliest one offers a "Family Vacation Guidebook" and was free just by completing the postage paid card and returning it. In the latter versions the offer is for a "Trip Planner and Auto log" but, you had to take it to a dealer to get it validated and "evaluate any model" accoring to the 86 version, which ( I imagine for clarity) was changed to "take an optional test drive". Did they mean it was optional in the sense that they would still validate it if you didn't take a test drive? I don't know, either way you still needed to get a dealership representative to validate the card. Luckilly for me the person who originally got the booklets I now have didn't do that!

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