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Chapter 7 We've Just Begun... to Dream, Page 4: An Inspiration ...A fascination
I mentioned on the previous page that the World Showcase portion of Epcot seems designed to attract folks seeking experiences of a different sort that the typical Disney theme park visitor before 1982. In part this was due to improving some aspects of the guest experience, for example, it would be hard to argue that the Magic Kingdoms food choices would be more attractive to most people than World Showcase. Also though sometimes it was more just a matter of putting a spotlight on things Disney did well anyway for example the Magic Kingdom had long had a variety of live entertainment (there was even some live entertainment at the Walt Disney World shopping Village), though you could also make the argument that in this department too World Showcase took this to a new level, for example on many days the United Kingdom has four live entertainment offerings, The World Showcase players (an interactive comedy acting troupe), Pam Brody (singer, pianist in the pub), The British Invasion (60's rock cover band, bearing a striking resemblance to the Beatles), and the Scottish bagpiper. You could spend a whole day going around the World Showcase lagoon just catching live performers in the various countries, let alone pursuing the shopping, dining and yes traditional attractions as well!


Epcot Center: the postcard variant capital of the (WALT DISNEY) World

The four view card of the Mexico pallion, above, was probably first published around 1989 I know this from the markings on the back of the card, and those marking are what this article is about. Most of the other cards that have the Epcot Center rings logo in black, like this text, , as opposed to gray, like this text, are from things that opened later like; The Living Seas, Illuminations, the Morocco, Norway, and Wonders of Life pavilions. Not only does the logo make me think these came out in 1989, but also I'm certain they weren't printed before 1986, since, until then since most Epcot card printed before then were marked with 1982 WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS or 1983 WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS (based on original release date) by 1985 many of these cards had been re-printed with WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, but, after the 1986 renaming of the corporation to THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY the year re-appeared in the copyright on those early cards and their reprints appeared with 1982 DISNEY and 1983 DISNEY. So Epcot cards copyrighted just DISNEY sort of make up their own little series. With the exception of the one Mexico card I have pictured here the rest of those cards are on the last page of this chapter.
And just in case you thought I made the system Disney used to copyright their cards for Epcot Center before the introduction of bar codes perfectly clear, then here's another point, most of these cards were also published in separate versions that were sold at hotels rather than in the parks and the copyrights on those were totally different. On those cards the Epcot Center logo on the card back was top and center, as opposed to the logo in the lower right-hand corner as in the cards sold in the parks. The numbers on those cards is has the "EC-" prefix, as opposed to the "0100-" prefix on the cards sold in the parks and then there are the copyrights. The Copyrights similar to the cards sold in the parks with all the initial cards in that series being copyrighted 1982 WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, the one difference being that they even used that "1982" on the cards that were printed as 1983 WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS on the cards sold in the parks. In other words, none of the cards in the "hotel" series was printed with a 1983 WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS copyright. Then, in 1986, when Disney changed its official name to THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY the copyright on the "hotel cards" went to The Walt Disney Company, and thankfully they stayed that way! so at least there are only two copyrights for each card in the "hotel series". Of course when you add it all up you can end up having easily six versions of many of these Epcot images, three "0100-" series copyrights two "EC-" copyrights and a bar coded version.




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