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Chapter 7 We've Just Begun... to Dream, Page 5: A Better Nation
In case the last two pages had you thinking Epcot is all about shopping, eating, and live entertainment, rest assured I am well aware that World Showcase has attractions as well. Just as in the Future World portion of Epcot center these are well developed attractions that integrate music into their experiences. Still the lessened emphasis of attractions in World Showcase can be seen in the fact that only five of the nine opening day World Showcase pavilions have attractions. The United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, and Germany have no traditional attractions. Even of those opening day pavilions that have attractions only one is a " ride " Mexico's Rio Del Tiempo. Three of the other pavilions attractions are films Canada and China have 360 circle-vision presentations, while France has Impressions de France a 180 film that offers you the luxury of a seat to go with that view! The biggest opening day World Showcase attraction, to me at least, since I am a fool for a multi-media audio animatronic extravaganza, is the American Adventure which also has the longest duration of any of the World Showcase attractions (though Universe of Energy holds that spot for the park overall). Here too music is woven into the show, the shows theme song Golden Dreams, Two Brothers (a song about a family divide by the Civil War), The Days of 76 , and a Sea Shanty about the Pilgrims that goes like this:
Theres a land cross' this ocean, I'm waitin' to see
a land for these people, who dream to be free
So stand by the main sail, the fierce storms we'll race
aloft with me mates, or King Neptune we'll face
You'd think that these landlubbers never would last
this cargo of pilgrims twelve week fore' the mast
it's land ho me hearties, at last we've arrived
and praise be to God, nearly all have survived
but a look oer' this wilderness, brings me to dread
that the first bit of winter may leave em' all dead
they call themselves pilgrims, these poor wretched souls
with a dream to be free, in the new world their goal

A Better Nation

Entertaining Views

As I've mentioned in previous chapters one subject I wish had been covered more on postcards since Epcot is one of my favorite places to catch live entertainment I thought this would be a good place to view a few examples of the entertainment available there American Vybe March 2001 American Vybe March 2001

American Vybe March 2001     Voices of Liberty March 2001

Future Corps  Jan. 2000 Future Corps Jan. 2000

Future Corps Jan. 2000

Future Corps Dec 1997

United Kingdom

China Sept 98 and Aug. 96

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