Walt Disney World
A History in Postcards
Chapter 7 We've Just Begun... to Dream, Page 1: A New Creation ... It's All Around you

Lasting Impressions

One of the reasons that it may seem that, compared to Disneyland, there were far fewer cards for WDW during its first decade is that generally WDW views from those first years stayed in print much longer. Much of the cause for this is due to the fact that WDW was so much more fully developed at the time of it's opening than Disneyland was.There was not as much need for replacement views, as the landcaping improved, and attractions were added, as there was at Disneyland, which being the first amusement park of it's kind... make that the first true theme park, went through many changes and series of post cards in it's first dozen years. Four full series of Disneyland photo chromes were issued (with some repitition from the third to fourth series) in those years, five if you include pre-opening Disneyland cards. The Magic Kingdom on the other hand had only two full series (three if you count pre-opening), the 0111-0000 series was only a partial series it did not replace the 01110000 cards which stayed in circulation. It seems to me that Epcot was built even more fully formed than the Magic Kingdom. According to Since the World Began by Jeff Kurti Epcot was "the largest private construction project in the world" (page 89). Also it's cost is listed as between $800 million ans $1.2 billion. Knowing how much of the park was completed up front perhaps it should not be seen as surprising that many of the first post cards issued at Epcot were out for fifteen years before need for widespread replacement was seen, so much was already in it's finished form. Cards were added to the series over time, but predominatly all the way up until near the end of the 1990s these were the main views of Epcot. This first series of Epcot post cards left a lasting impression indeed!

Spaceship Earth

The first glimpse folks generally get of Epcot is the top of this massive geosphere in the distance, and not only is this the first structure you generally notice when approaching the park but it is also one of the landmarks pilots approaching the Orlando area can often see, that may be due not only to it's massive form but also due to it's silvery reflective alucobond surface. As the icon of Epcot more post cards were issued of Spaceship Earth than of any other attraction, but just like most of the other attractions fewer cards were published showing anything inside the pavilion than the outside. Also like the other interior view cards of Epcot attractions this wasn't issued until 1983.


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