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Chapter 6 The early 1980's Page 1:Tencennial and more

The last standard size cards

In 1981 around the time the first EPCOT pre-opening cards were coming out Walt Disney World changed the way they numbered the cards coming out for the rest of the resort too. In the cases of the cards in the previous chapters as new cards came out they often sat right beside older cards, but in this series the old standard cards that continued to be produced with have new numbers. These standard size (3 by 5 inch) post cards continued to come out even at Epcot debuted with Continental sized (4 X 6 inch) cards. Eventually the larger cards won out for the rest of the world too but that is the story for another chapter. In the case of the older views that were repeated in this series most of those cards will only be on the list for the cards of this series in the appendix but not shown in the chapter here itself, though I will make an exception for some of the comparison views ( the links in the appendix will still take you to where those cards first appeared).


Folks today sometimes talk about the way that the special theme celebrations the parks have to market them selves tend to last more than a calender year, It may surprise some of you to know that this extended "year-long" celebration may not be entirely a new thing. Some look at these celebrations a bit cynically as a chance for the Disney company to make more money withthese promotional tools, others look at it as an opportunity for more folks to get to see the special parades, (like Remember the Magic), attractions (The special pavillion of countries from around the world at the millenium celebration), and decorations (The Cakesle, The Mickey Wand at Epcot) if you look at it a being a bit of both then I think you have a great example of a mutually benificial situatuion. Some of these items continue on for years after, like the Mickey wand, or the later incarnation of the Remember the Magic parade, and Illuminations : Reflections of Earth (I love that show). I'm not sure if the Tencennial parde continued for more than a year, but at the very least they continued to sell merchandise related to the Tencennial celebration for a good while after the tenncenial year was over. I have a postcard of the tencennial parade postmarked Jan. 31, 1983.

0100-10202 early version

Not only did they continue to release a card related to this parade but at some point they saw fit to release a less cropped version of the card, my 1983 postmarked version of this card is much darker with less vibrant colors than than the earlier card with the slightly narrower field of view on both sides. So it would seem that on the later version of the card they went back to the original photo and started over.

0100-10202 Late version

Take Two

Another thing they did in this set is replaced a lot of the old veiws with new views, but not until after they had first re-issued many of thse old views one last time, and since they used the same numbers when the released the new views many of the card numbers in this series have more than one view with the same number.

0100-10224 early version

0100-10224 Late version

Both of the Haunted Mansion view here (above and below) had DP ( Dexter Press ) numbers on the back. I wonder if perhaps this was part of the motovation for replacing these views. Some other cards with DP numbers in this series I have as re-issues of the original card but with no follow up card (0100-10233 and 0100-10251). Perhaps these cards were simply discontinued, perhaps replacement views were isssued and I simply don't have them yet, or maybe the DP numbers have nothing to do with why those Mansion views were replaced.

0100-10226 early version                                        0100-10226 Late version

Other cards that were replaced had no DP numbers.
0100-10243 Old Version

0100-10243 New Version


0100-10246 early & late versions


0100-10255 early & late versions


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