Walt Disney World
A History in Postcards
Chapter 5 EPCOT Center Page 3: The Future begins Oct. 1, 1982

In contrast to the earlier WDW pre-opening cards, these pre opening cards come in a wider variety of styles of art. From the Spaceship Earth card pictured at the top of this page that captures the "feel" of the scenes in the ride, rather than focusing on actual scenes from the ride; to the exterior scene on the top half of the Journey to imagination card, with its' realistic building form, but featuring a different fountain than the one we are all familiar with now, and using a rainbow reflected off the glass exterior to help capture a bit of the "feel" of this attraction as well; the panel of the land postcard featuring its' exterior also is both realistic and artistic ; I suspect the reason exterior of the Universe of Energy is in the most realistic style of the Future World exteriors to appear at opening (Horizons and the Living Seas were part of EPCOT Centers phase II) is for the same reason the overview of EPCOT Center featured on the previous page was so realistic, it may have relied heavily on the model of EPCOT for the artist to work from. But the level of realism doesn't stop there take a closer look at some of the cards that feature interior scenes from their attractions, in particular Kitchen Kaberet from The Land, and the interior scenes from the World of Motion, these appear to be photos of the models of these attractions.

Under the category of interesting details the scene from Sleeping Beauty featured on one of the screens in the Journey into Imagination card eventually ended up on a postcard in the Art of Disney Series. And I just think the 1970's (or in this case early 80's) color Mickey Mouse Club hat on the child at the bottom of the frame in the Universe of Energy card is a neat detail.

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