Monday, December 8, 1997

Monday was to be our last day with Stephanie. She had to go back to work Tuesday. As planned it was our day to go to the beach. good fun but not much to write about. That night Carmella made her wonderful Lasagna. Then we packed up our stuff and got a room for the rest of the trip We could've stayed with steph but her apt complex was away from the attractions and a security place too so getting in and out could've been a hassle without Stephanie. Also, it would've been weird to be on vacation when she had to work.

Since we were going to Sea World the next day I got a room near there the Quality Inn Plaza. It's near the convention center and across the street from a new upscale Orlando shopping center called pointe Orlando that has an FAO Scwartz as an anchor, and a Disney store called Disneys Worldport.

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

This was the day for Sea World. I figured Carmella would really like Sea World from how much she has liked the few smaller aquariums we have been to. And I was right. A few quick notes here Sea World has a thing called second day free tickets you have to pick them up before you leave they are at a booth not far from the entrance we got them but didn't end up using them (it was nice to have the option though).

The stadium shows are great and you need to plan out your day by those when you get your entertainment schedule as you walk in. The only stadium shows we didn't catch were the nighttime fireworks show, Shamu Rocks America (also nighttime), and the Baywatch show. The reason we missed the night time shows was that we made reservations for the nightly luau which was highly ranked by a friend who had done it years ago. Only problem was the show /Dinner we saw held little resemblance to the show Carmella's co-worker had seen all those years ago. Neither of us liked it much. Next time at Sea World we'll catch the fireworks instead. And if we want a luau I hear the Polynesian resort at WDW has an awesome one. To leave this on a happier note though don't miss the circus thing they have at the back of the park (It's got a French name I think . . . cirque de something) they were great!

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

This was a sleep in day. Later in the day we investigated the parts of the pointe Orlando shopping complex that were open. Got some more Christmas shopping done at FAO Schwartz, and had Cinnabons (mmmmmmmm cinnabon), and of course checked out Disney's Worldport of course. Then on to the Character Warehouse in the Belz mall two at the end of International drive the only place you'll find stuff that says Walt Disney World on it for the kind of prices you see on stuff that just says "Florida." After that we hit a few antique shops I got a couple of those Main Street USA Ceramic buildings (the Disneyland train station and opera house). Also a couple view master reels, and a few of the older (smaller size ) postcards and some buttons. Carmella found me a Tokyo Disneyland sticker and a figment patch in the same booth at the one antique mall I found most of the other stuff at (its on U.S.92/17 in Winter Park I think the name of it is Orange Tree antique Mall) This one booth had a lot of Disney stuff.


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