Sunday, December 7, 1997

Stephanie's feet felt much better Sunday, and she was anxious to visit the studios with us (she'd never been there before). So the three of us headed off for the park with a bit more sleep this time. We arrived at the park around 10:30 a.m..

The studios were all set up at the entrance for the filming of the Hercules parade, to be broadcast on the Disney Christmas show.

As we headed into the shops a young CM fellow noticed my red radp button, he asked about it then told me that he was a news group person and gave me his posting name; unfortunately I didn't write it down and have forgotten it :-( He told me more about the parade, like how they were going to pass out 200 togas before it for the people in the crowd to wear.

I had been checking at each park for the WDW 25th anniversary cards as I have most of a set this was the last park and I found out they had ran out of them too, bummer. Update june 1999 I finally did get a full set thru trades and a card dealer in Orlando)

I really wanted to make sure no matter what else we did we didn't miss the Hunchback of Notre dame show so we headed for that side of the park and rode Star Tours. Looked at NY street and Ellen's Buy the Book (a bookstore)

LUUUUUUKE HELP! (The All Terrain 
Armored Transport{AT-AT} at Star Tours

We got to the HoND seating area about ten minute before seating began. The juggler (pre show) and show were quite good, and I think even the ladies were both impressed.

The pre show isn't as well lit so I enhanced the colors in the shot of the juggler so you can see his Diablo's (those green thingees) more clearly. BTW sitting on the aisle I got to be the guy who gets made to look silly by throwing the Diablo (and that wasn't the only thing I got picked for this day . . . read on).

this is the shot I enhanced I was right on the edge of the stage this time :-) it's topsy-turvey Day! Wooo Hooo this was the shot I was hoping to get here!

I really was hoping to get a good shot of Quasimodo swinging So I also made a close-up of this scan.

having a swinging time at the Hunchback
 of Notre Dame show.:-) Dance now Es-mer-el-da . . . DANCE Frollo: Look at that disgusting display Phoebus: Yes sir!

After that we caught the Muppets which Carmella really enjoyed and Stephanie liked but the 3-d didn't work for her (something about a depth perception problem she has always had)

By the time we had lunch (and I drank a coke to peters health on his birthday) it was about two P.M. . We crossed the parade route that they were marking off to the One Saturday Morning sound show (boy those seats are small) I got picked to be Horace (this was the 2nd time I'd gotten picked for something today! And there's one more ) . I nailed my lines, of course ;-) When we came out the parade had passed and we headed over to The Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Where I had a big tub of Carmel popcorn that has nice artwork of a Christmas time Pinnocchio scene on it.

GO INDY GO!! Yeah I edited this (tired of peoples heads in the shots) hmmm... mabey Indy can get away in that plane! theres those villianous natzis again uh oh looks like its going to explode!

after the show Carmella picked up a nice fools gold nugget necklace at the Indy jewelry cart. And after a quick bathroom break we hit the Great Movie Ride. WE caught the Voyage of the little mermaid about 4:45 pm and as we exited I couldn't help but think that the Brown Derby irc meet was starting (sigh, maybe next time guys). We had done most of the rides and some of the remaining shows/tours had ended for the day but since it wasn't too late Carmella decide me and Steph should go ahead and ride the Tower of Terror while she waited. I pointed out the gift shop/exit so she could stay warm while she waited,

 you never know who you'll see on the way to the tower :-)

When we got to the seating attendant I figured it couldn't hurt to ask for the jump seat (the one with no lap bar, just a safety belt) So I asked . . . and I got it! WOO HOO! This would be the last of the three times I got picked today.

On the way out we saw some streetmosphere performers doing a gumshoe gals thing it was fun and we watched for a while before leaving. In reflection this day was the most balanced the first day we all had fun but the girls got tired. The second day Carmella tired early and it made it tough for both of us. This day the combination of sleeping late, with a small park and lots of long sit down shows made for a nice experience.



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