Saturday, December 6, 1998

The next morning Stephanie's feet were quite sore and so she decided to sit Saturday out. This meant a small change in plans since the plan for Saturday was for me to spend the day with my R.A.D.P. friends while my wife and her friend went their own way for that part of the day. So we headed for Epcot.

gooooooooooooooooood moring Fut-ure Corps!!

The meet at the Fountainveiw wasn't going to be until noon so we toured the Future wold part of Epcot in the morning. The first thing we saw was Spaceship Earth this was Carmella's favorite ride of the whole trip. From there we went to see Honey, I Shrunk the Audience and Dreamfinder, stopping to play around in the post show (Image Works? I think) and look around in the gift shop (more postcards, of course.) Then backtracked to the Land pavilion where we saw The Circle of Life movie and had a meal in the food court before heading to the Fountainview for the meet.

View from image works brunch at the land pavillion Dont even *think* about asking me to name all these people!!

We were the first ones at the Fountainview and Carmella was the first one to spot a red RADP button. First Pam "scrappy" Kratzer, then Deb "jasmine" Wills, then large numbers of people! Not only people from the irc radp chat but also from fmuck and News Group regulars (and lurkers ). I got many of the IRC-RADPers to sign a postcard to send to fellow irc'er Peter "filminfo" Schouten his birthday was the following day. I didn't want to bore my wife by chatting all day with my radp-friends so I started getting ready to leave then somebody said something about a group photo so I stayed long enough for that (which ended up being a while --this was a B-I-G group). Then we went to the Living Seas.

HI Y'all it's me :-)

The distances between things in EPCOT is much further than at the Magic Kingdom and it started taking a toll on Carmellas feet and back (she has got arthritis). So I tried convincing her to let me get her a wheelchair, at first she didn't want to but then I showed her the park map and just how little of Epcot we had been thru, and that convinced her. I quickly made my way back to the front of the park, got a chair and came back (renting a wheelchair was really easy no hassle to it at all).

We headed for the World Showcase, using the wheelchair between countries but walking at shops and into places like the movie in France (Impressions de France, I think ). Carmella was not much impressed by the O'Canada movie (which I really like) or really not much of any of the movies.

Oh it's a jol-ly ol-iday with Ma-ry

In France as we were leaving Bubble Nicholas (the mime in a bubble) came out rolling out towards the main walk around the lagoon. He did that bubble touching thing he does with Carmella (and others as well of course)

In Morocco we watched the percussion/dancing group of guys there, and picked up a few things in the shops.

When we got to America the main entrance was closed (as a staging area for the Candlelight Processional I think) and they had people going in thru the exit. And I couldn't convince Carmella to see the show. She didn't like the idea of watching it from a wheelchair, and she didn't like the idea of climbing the stairs either. By the time I remembered there is an elevator she had already made up her mind and no amount of convincing I tried would change her mind (unfortunately the reason I know this is I tried, B-I-G mistake on my part.)

This led to a rough afternoon (We almost ended up leaving) but by dinner things were better and we headed to Italy for our dinner at Alfredo's.

On the way back towards Alfredo's we got to see the drawbridge (between China and the tribal outpost I think) in the "up" position

just whistle while you wait wheh eh ohh hoo ohh ohh ohh

We both love Itallian food. And although the restaurant seems fancy, when you compare it to other dinners at WDW (at least the ones I've had ) it seems to not be too pricey (especially when you consider the level of service you get). Of course the fact that we didn't get wine (or whatever other alcoholic beverages they have available) probably meant we ended up with a lower total that the average for Alfredo's. Defiantly one of my favorite places to eat. Carmella was quite tired by the end of dinner (I think that contributed to our little problem earlier) so we headed out, stopping to ride Horizons and then doing a little shopping at the Centorium on the way, and the World of Disney Store (in Downtown Disney/ Disney village marketplace) after we left.


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