February 6, 2000 - Day 5 -

IOA-Resort-Drivin Around

Universals Islands of Adventure was still a fairly new theme park in 2000, it may also be the park on which Peter and my opinions differ the most. We took a short tour of the park riding Spider man and Dudley Doo-Rights rip saw Falls, and taking in the Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt and Posidens Fury, I also took a spin on the Dueling Dragons coaster while peter sat that one out, there were no crowds, it was a walk on, so I wasn't making him wait all that much. There were other attractions I would have liked to take in while we were there, but on the other hand although I think I enjoyed the park more than Peter did I haven't made the time to go back in all the years since. I think we may have been out of the park by noon.
Peter Adds...When we hit IOA I was wearing already wearing the new shoes, that we bought (don't know if it was the same day), and I took the wrong size, so in IOA my feet were killing me.
So I imagine that after we left the park we went and got some the correct size as I recall him feeling bettere later in the trip. We had been having late nights so a rest was in order, we headed back to the resort for a bit from the long shadows apparent in my photos I may have taken a nap, and then just drove around a little taking in some of the sights before heading back to the room for the night.

Universals Islands of Adventure

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