February 7, 2000 - Day 6 (con't)-

Morning - Revisiting the Studios

In the morning we caught some Disney-MGM Studios things we had missed on our previous visit to MGM.

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Above: It wasn't too many years after this photo was taken in the year 2000 until this Hedgeform Mickey dissapeared. Being off to the side from where most folks entered the studios many folks never saw it, additionally to get a good photo of it like this you had to back up, to almost the reailing along the lake, and I MAY have even stood on the bench as that was always tempting with this one because it wasn't angled enough to get a great photo of it otherwise (and I'm 6'5" tall)

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Above: with Peters online name being "filminfo" it always seemed to me that the studios were "his" park in a sense.

Beauty and the Beast

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Above: Although this show still runs I seem to recall hearing that Disney stopped doing bird releases in any of thier stage shows due to predation by hawks and eagles.

Back out of the Studios

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Typhoon Lagoon

We did make a brief trip into Typhoon Lagoon, basically just to look around a bit and see what it was like, we didn't bring swim stuff with us and were probably in and out in under 30 minutes, though we stayed long enough to catch the "erruption" of Mount Mayday at the half hour (I belive Peter has a video of it).

Peter Adds... We saw the eruption several times, and the number of pics I have of Typhoon Lagoon makes me think we were there over an hour, not under half an hour.
I'm thinking the first eruption was just as we entered and the other one we waited for just before we left (since we noticed it was almost the top or bottom of the hour) if we stayed for an hour and a few minutes and the eruptions are every half hour there could have been 3 in that time, if they are even more frequent there would have been several. I was probably low on film since I took so few pictures here, this was before I knew much about the retired ships of WDW's navy and I imagine that nowadays I'd love to spend a bit more time looking around for some of the props that may have been recovered from those vessels.

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