February 3, 2000 - Day 3

Disney-MGM Studios


I'm a "morning person" so I wouldn't be surprised if the reason I got a photo outside out room here is because I was up and ready a bit earlier than Peter, then again perhaps not it is just one shot after all it may have been a matter of "as long as we're headed out in daylight here for the first time let's at least get a photo of our buildings icon".
Peter Adds... I had no jetlag and the next morning you were not up before me, since I have the same pics in the early morning dew
So it looks like it was the latter. Todays park was the Disney MGM studios it was also much cooler than I'm used to it being in Florida this morning.

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As you can see from the photo above we were there for "rope drop" and had bellhops there ready to lead us to our first destination of the morning.

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Above: from the Rock & Roller coasters queue we could see some ongoing refurbrishment on the outside of the tower.
Following the Rock & Roller Coaster we did something I would normally reccomend against, we bought sweatshirts to gaurd against the chill in the air, so often things warm up as the morning progresses, but in this case it never did seem to get too warm for a sweatshirt so it worked out well. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures today, but as you can see how light the crowds were at the Rock and Roler coaster you can probably imagine that we knocked quite a bit of this park out in short order too!

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Above: the only "in attraction" photo of the day (actually there were two from this one but the other is even MORE blurry than this).

I know we ddin't quite hit all of the attractions here this day because we came back later in the week to hit Beauty and the Beast, that said I would imagine that we hit just about everyhting but that this day the various tours, Indiana Jones stunt show, Star Tours, Muppetvision, the Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show, we even had a Table Service meal at the Prime Time Cafe, AND took in the parade! Since we didn't do another evening at the studios we MUST have hit Fantasmic this night, but being February it must have had a fairly early start because afterwards we also went and took in a movie at the AMC in the "West Side" of Downtown Disney. http://www.geocities.com/filminfo/fab2k.html

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