February 4, 2000 - Day 3

Magic Kingdom

Since the movie the previous evening had been a 3 hourish Stephen King flick,
Peter Adds... a reminder that the movie in question was "The Green Mile"
we hadn't gotten back to the room until after midnight, but we STILL managed to be up bright and early for Magic Kingdom opening.

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Above: note the hot air balloon in the distance

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Above and Below: once in the park we boarded the train for a more relaxing journey to Splash Mountain than the folks making a mad dash, back before they had an opening ceremony every day this used to be a good option that still got you there in a comparable time to those making the mad dash, today the trains can sometimes lag behind a bit more because of that train in the station for the opening being the Railroads first priority in the mornings. Also look how bit those trees in Town Square were back then

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Here's the Ladies of the Diamond Horseshoe Revue taken February 4, 2000 there's actually a short video of me plying the cymbal during this showing of the DHR.

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Here's Dr. Bill (that's right Dr. Bill Yalater) from the Diamond Horseshoe Revue. The fellow who was in this role has plyed many others since then, Concilman Miller on Main Street, Mack in the pirate Tutorial, another Pirate in the Rusty Cutlass group from the Pirate and Princess Parties, and Fire Cheif Miller on Main Street.

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We took a cruise on the Liberty Belle riverboat.

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For a while the Keelboats were moved to the former Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes docking area those had been retired in the early 1990's), it looks like they were being prepared for that in this photo

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