Souvenirs (countinued)
One year my mom bought me a share of Disney Stock and I got a really cool stock report.
In this report were some cool pictures of construction at EPCOT and Disneyland Tokyo.

I also found some nice veiwmaster reels at a local antiques mart, and found that these images could be scanned. I may have enough of them to do a whole page.....but not any time soon.

I found this neat old puzzle of Disneylands town square at an antique mall also. One interesting thing about the puzzle the moving van on the far side of Town Square reads Bekins on the side of it. According to Disney A to Z Bekins Van Lines operarated the Town Square locker area from 1955 to 1962 so that dates the puzzle. Global Van Lines (which are the ones I remember) ran the area from 63 to 79. I have a Florida, Having a Great Time postcard with Mickey and Minnie on one of the Main Street vehicles in front of the Global moving Van (obviously this was taken at DL and just re-used). I've got a scan of it up on my postcards page. Does anyone know if the van is still there? if it's not do you know when it was removed? Do you know where there is a web site with a current picture of that part of town square (where the moving van was) if so e mail me .

I made the frame for
 this puzzle myself since it was an odd size
There were other DL souvenirs I had that didn't fare so well. My late lamented DL postcard collection (although my newer collection of Disney postcards is larger) and back issues of Disney News. Oh well I've still got a few more things to scan from that era.

More recently I've been going to WDW which has its own pins, books (which I haven't scanned yet), tickets (these comprise the wallpaper on my index page ), and 25th anniversarry trading cards

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