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  • CARD 1 This card is interesting because although it Features Mickey and Minnie and Says FLORIDA: Having a Great Time The picture has the Global Van Lines (turn of the century style) moving van in the background. As far as I know there never was a Global Van Lines van at Walt Disney World (Global sponsered the lockers area at DL from 62-79)
  • CARD 2 This card is one of my earliest. It's interesting because it is not pictured in the comprehensive Disneyland postcard book Disneyland: The Nickel Tour (two of the three listings for card A-2 are not pictured.says A-2 not pictured the other says same as (Nickel Tour Number) #0658a with no referance at #0658A or it #0230A to an image) there is another version of card A-2 that is in the book and I have it . This one probably wasn't printed as long because the train is off-center and There are no visitors in the shot (Walt liked people in his postcard shots, though of course, there are also examples of shots without people in them)
  • CARD 3For a time I thought that this card was not featured in the nickel tour it is a card A-7 but it is a different version of the card than the one featured in the book. I later noticed however that I was mistaken the image is the same as card #0111 D-121

    Monorail Postcards

  • CARD 4 This is a Mark II monorail
  • CARD 5 I think this monorail Yellow is a Mark III (since it's in a curve I can't count the cars though . I don't know if the scan is big enough to show it but thats Mickey in the last car (I guess that makes this an early hidden mickey)
  • CARD 6 Whats missing from this shot of a four-car Mark II monorail pulling into the station? The pepolemover track, which today sits right in front of this portion of the monorail track. So that places this shot before the 1967 "new" tomorrowland.
  • CARD 7 This is a 5-car Mark III Monorail similar to the earlier shot but later as you can see the peoplemover track in front of the monorail track now.
  • CARD 8 This shot has not one but two monorails in it but wait.... check out the paint job on the backgrond one! red and blue? is this due to a photo color manipulation? or is is just the funny way the light reflected up off the submarine lagoon(thats what I think it is)? BTW the white bldg. in the distance past the nose of that backgrond monorail is It's A Small World
  • CARD 9 Mark III Monoril Yellow
  • CARD 10 It's easy to count the cars on this shot of monorail gold 1,2,3,4,5 yep it's a Mark III
  • CARD 11 Well there is a monorail on this card
  • CARD 12 Mark III monorail red
  • CARD 13 This is my only postcard not made by Disney of a Disney monorail

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