When I lived in California sometimes we went to DL on all day tickets, even though they were still using ticket books at the time. I think my mom got them thru the Magic Kingdom Club. Anyway since not everybody had the all day tickets you had to show it when you got on rides. So we'd buy pins and pin them on I still have several of these pins

I also have some large wall maps of DL these are to big for me to scan at the library. but I have a photo of the one that I do have framed and will try to get better pics of all 3. The one I have framed is the only one I didn't actually buy at the park. I picked it up at a garage sale. It's a 1963 and has as many coming attractions as actual ones.

On it at the lower end of Main Street Liberty Street is shown, with featuers such as the US Capitol In Miniature, Declaration Of Independence Diorama, Hall Of Presidents (at that time they were still thinking of it as a diorama of waxworks presidents) and of course Colonial Shoppes, Glass Shoppe, Blacksmith, Paul Reveres Silver Shoppe, and the Boston Observer Print Shoppe. Up at the other end of Main Street is Edison Square the begining of the idea for the Carousel of Progress. In this early version the stages sat in the buildings around the square and the audience would walk from theatre to theater. The other coming attractions on this map were The Haunted Mansion, and New Orleans Square with the Blue Bayou Mart, Theives, Mart, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Both the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean were envisioned as walk-thrus at this time. In fact after the 64-65 worlds fair debut of audio-animitronics and high rider turnover ride systems, Walt saw Pirates of the Carribean shouldn't be a walk through so removed steel already in place for building foundations in New Orleans Square and started from scratch. the 64-65 worlds fair was had several ride technology breakthroughs for Disney, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln featured the first realistic animatronic human figure, Its a Small World had the same high occupancy ride system that eventually was used in pirates of the Caribbean. Carousel of Progress had both animatronics and a unique guest loading/ viewing sytem, and Fords Magic Skyway, which was the pre-cursor to the atom-mobile (Adventures through inner space), Doom buggy (Haunted Mansion) and the WEDway pepolemover (Tomorrowland Transit Authority) it also included the Primeval World dinosaurs, which eventually ended up in the diorama on the Disneyland Rail Road. Much of the rest of this map is Yesterland material.I also have a dial map and several books on DL

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