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Episode Episode 39 - The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob

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This episode STARTS as a continuation of the audio "trip report" from the morning of October 11, 2007, though I finally get OFF of Main Street U.S.A. this time, heading to Frontierland where I find The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob...

If that set is not enough for you, then GOOD, because after that, we travel back in time to play TWO MORE sets by the guys, first from the December 2006 (Mousefest trip), and THEN from June 2007. In the first two sets all the players are the full time players, the Sousaphonist in the June 2007 set appeared to be a back up player filling in for the regular sousaphonists day off.

Above itunes image: "close ups" from June 2007
Below i tunes image: The guys on October 11, 2007

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