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28 The citizens of Main Street USA

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In this episode we start with some audio recorded on the Mousefest 2007 trip with the ToonTown Tuners before hopping back in time to 2002 for a Rootin' Tootin' good time in the old west, then return to Main Street for a very fun ensemble performance of the Citizens of Main Street USA backed up by the Toontown Tuners.

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Notes and Links

The Ballad of tourist Ted


The photos I mentioned seeing of Rusty Cutlass were over on the Mouse Guest Weekly Forums posted by user Kathy Jo on this page:

The Folks I talked too as the Tuners started to play leading into the Citizens of Main Street Set are Ray and Cindy of the Bare Necessities segment of the Lets Talk about Disney podcast.

The link to Earls episode of Trapped on Vacation that has some audio of "Rusty Cutlass' Christmas set" is at:

The other episode that has Diamond Horshoe Audio was Episode 7 of the podcast, it was a special Not So Scary Halloween Party edition of the Revue, with the Cadaver Dans being one of the acts. That Episode is still available at this link:


Below, are a few photos of the Cast Member I suspect my be the same CM who played Auntie Bellum, followed by a photo of the Cast member in that role. For more photos of that 2002 Riverboat Cruise (recorded the same day as the Diamond horseshoe material in this episode click on this link.

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The Dapper Dans

The Toontown Tuners

I heard them play a ragtime number I didn't know the name of (it had a silent movie sound track feel too it, and yes I know that's got a built in contradiction to it ) and Moonlight Serenade.

The Diamond Horseshoe

The Citizens of Main Street USA

For the first two songs the Toontown Tuners were playing solo over on the hospitality House side of Town Square. At he end of their second song the Fire Engine pulls up with Mayor and Chief Miller, the Tuners board the Engine and they all ride over to City Hall (as the tuners are playing Hot Time in the old Town Tonight). Upon arrival Chief Miller introduces the whole group which now includes the suffragettes as "the Citizens of Main Street", as the full cast launches into "Down on old Main Street". After the song when \ Mayor Weaver tries to announce for re election the "Main Street Womens Auxiliary" steps up, after their rendition of Sister Suffragette, the Mayor is fine with them getting the vote as long as they vote for him, but when he once again launches into "campaign mode" questions arise about accusations against the mayor of corruption, which he handles humorously with the song "little tin box". When the song ends, he returns to making more typical (but still humorous) campaign promises. Then stumbles on the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, so the whole cast helps him with it (in song of course). Following that they close with a short and fitting reprise of "Down on old Main street". The singing citizens then talk with the guests a bit while the tuners march off (I chose to follow the tuners).

As the tuners march off stage you can hear a Trolley show starting up the street, isn't Main Street great?


Pictures of the Diamond Horseshoe set from 2002 are in the trip report from our Honeymoon:

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