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Season 2007 Episode 16 Show Notes
WDW's Space Mountain - Disneyland Ragtime pianist Allen Thompson - Tomorrowland Speedway "Cars" drag Strip - and a Contest Winner!

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In this Episode we have Space Mountain recorded in WDW's Magic Kingdom, on December 7, 2006, also, audio of the Tomorrowland Speedway bit I've got on my youtube account (, and another ragtime piano set this one was recorded July 17th 2005 (Disneylands 50th Anniversary!), there's also a tiny portion of the audio which I used in the Special Edition I released last week in honor of the 4th anniversary of (Happy Birthday Tagrel!) All the information in the postcard segment was provided by Kevin Hughes whose Postcardguy Antiques Store (featuring many WDW and Disneyland cards) can be found at .

omega (63K) allen (21K)

Above left: Libsyn image I'm standing in the Omega sides unload area which as you can see was not in use (I had just ridden on th Alpha track).
Above right: Allen during a previous set played on the same evening as the set played this episode.


We Have A Winner!

Much thanks to David Godleski of Charlotte who not only wrote me a very nice email, but won the contest, in addition to being the only entrant!



The opening tune is obviously "Life is a Cabaret" of the musical Cabaret, but sang by ddoll of the forums of Tagrel.coms forums Appropriate for two reasons, first, that song sets the right tone for a Karaoke meet, but also ddoll was the meets organizer.

The set played by Allen (at least once the song Twilight Time began) was almost a medley, what I mean by that is, he didn't play short versions of the songs the way you normally would in a medley, but he did go right from one song into the next without stopping, as such, it's sometimes hard to tell when one song ends and another begins, for instance in my list below, I'm not sure if there really is another song played between Goodnight Sweetheart, and Let Me Call You Sweetheart. I'd also like to say a little about the patio/garden in which the Disneyland pianists perform, this is one of the things that really keeps a special mood back in Disneylands Coke Corner, I love the Magic Kingdom Pianists, but in their case it is "despite" the area they work in not because of it, as their workspace is a heavily trafficked walkway, whereas at Disneyland, while you can still hear the piano as you walk by on Main Street, when you step into that dining patio it really is its own little world.


Here are some images of the postcards Kevin postcardguy Hughes found, the Animal Kingdom Lodge DVC postcard and also the Contemporary resort survey card image.
akvillas284 (74K) contemp1332 (23K)

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