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Season 2007 Tagrel 4th Anniversary Special Edition Show Notes
Karaoke from Kimonos Mousefest 2006

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In this Special Editon of the Mousin it Up podcast there is audio from the Dec. 10, 2006 Karaoke meet at Kimonos in the Dolphin hotel at Walt Disney World. Only a small portion of the songs sang made it into this episode for a couple of reasons, first off my wife and I didn't stay particularly late, but also, sadly, I had technical problems (my mini disc player having a dead battery seems to be the most likely cause of the problem in this case).

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Above left: Libsyn image MikeS seranades D.W.
Above right: itunes image meet organizer and singer extrodinaire ddoll.



Heres a key to the list below:

As far as I know, songs in black are not by Mousefest attendees/ Taginators if you have any corrections please email me
songs in Blue are included in the recording and sung by folks confirmed as Mousefest attendees/ Taginators
Songs in Red are ones sung by Mousefest attendees/ Taginators during the period while my equipent had cut out DARN!
Songs in Teal are sung by Mousefest attendees/ Taginators, but were sung after I left the meet.

  • 1. Natalie Merchants "carnival" (sung by the Karoke equipment operator)
  • 2 "Life is a Caberet" as sung by ddoll from caberet
  • 3. "Mustang Sally" sung by unknown but she was called up as Becca or Rebecca
  • 4. "Harden My Heart" sung by Geri
  • 5. MikeS seranades Deb W with "Venus"
  • At that point there are what Frogman refers to as "a few non tagrel singers" mixed into this next section but I'm not entirely sure of the order.

  • 6. Amymouse sang "reflection" from Mulan.
  • 7. bigBrian (me) sang "A Christmas song"
  • 8. Tagrels Johnny Black sang "Mack the Knife"
  • 9. The obnoxious wedding Party sang "Love shack"
  • 10. Another non Disney woman sang "My way"
  • at this point I finally realized the audio had been stopped and restarted it as...

  • 11. a seemingly very nervous Russian man was singing "Love Me Tender"
  • 12. another non tagrel singer sang "bye, bye Love"
  • 13. Tagrels ddoll sang Melissa Ethridges "I'm the only one"
  • 14. Moley singing the Beatles "Yellow Submarine"
  • 15. Geri singing Til Tuesdays " hush, hush, Voices Carry"
  • 16. A group called up as "Lisa and Richard" (a family of three) sang "my girl"
  • 17. bigBrian (me) singing (a way too slow arrangement of) "Til there was you"
  • 18. someone singing "Fame" (I said my goodbyes and left during this one)
  • from this point on there is no list of the non-Disney singers as Frogman only kept track of the folks he knew from Tagrel.

  • 19. Amymouse sang a song from the Little Mermaid.
  • 20. Alikat sang "All that Jazz" from Chicago
  • 21. Debi sang "When You're Good To Your Mama" from Chicago
  • 22. Geri sang "Black Velvet"
  • 23. Alikat sang "It's Gonna happen"
  • 24. ddoll sang
  • 25. Frogman and his Wild Women (Cshore, Margaret J, Ellen, Sheryl ) sang "here comes Santa Claus"
  • 26. LimeGreenCheri sang Whitney Houstons "I'm Every Woman"
  • 27 Geri sang "Breathe
  • 28. ddoll and Geri sang "Take me or leave me" from RENT

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