Friday, December 2, 2005

Kilamanjaro Continued

mfest2005 166 (92K) mfest2005 168 (105K) mfest2005 169 (94K)

Above and Below some of my best Giraffe shots.

mfest2005 170 (86K) mfest2005 171 (95K) mfest2005 172 (93K)

Above: Earlier I mentioned that i made it into Julies Mousefest 2005 photos, well here you can see she amde it into mine too.

mfest2005 173 (76K) mfest2005 174 (60K) mfest2005 176 (95K) mfest2005 177 (111K) mfest2005 178 (76K) mfest2005 179 (58K) mfest2005 181 (69K) mfest2005 182 (75K) mfest2005 183 (88K) mfest2005 184 (93K) mfest2005 185 (28K)

Above and below: When Deb K pulled out her sunglasses after the safari I saw the Walt Disney World logo on them commented and then took the opportunity to play with my cameras Macro mode a little (looks like I need more practice though), not to be outdone Andrea pulled out her Disneyland pair and so I got a little more practice (and it also makes a better story with two photos).

mfest2005 186 (32K)
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