Friday, December 2, 2005

Kilamanjaro Safaris

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Above and below: I'm standing in the group photo

Since I didn't have a good group photo for this meet I thought I'd look for one, I didn't kind one, and in fact there seem to be very few photo pages of the 2005 mousefest. Here are a few I found Julie (a.k.a. Imkiwi10 on #radp-friends) has some of this very meet (including one of me!) in her theme park review thread on Mousefest 2005:
Pam (smeeko) and Shaun "Yoda" Rouse have a page of 2005 meet photos as well: and I FOUND both of these pages due to the BEST compilation (the only compilation?) of RADP/Mousefest links on the internet, Jack M's page:

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Above: Yes everyone in this photo is RADP, we had at least two safari truckfulls I think.

On this trip I ended up seated next to Dave Marx, Dave one of the auhours and founders of the Passporter series of books (and one of the foundes of Mousefest ) has been on this attraction quite a few times, so occasionally he would say some of the dialogue, or have funny comments about some of the comments in the script, he wasn't loud about it, in fact if it had bothered me I'm sure I could have tuned it out, but I was enjoying it and encouraging with the occasional chuckle.

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above: I seem to take pictures of these flowering bushes on a regular basis does anyone know what they are called?

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