Friday, December 2, 2005

Animal Kingdom

The next morning was a "bright and early' kind of morning, you see it was the Animal kingdom day on the Mousefest itinerary which meant that it was time for the Kilamanjaro Safaris meet. Now since most all of the meets for Animal Kingdom were during the first half of the day that left the second half for me to park hop over to Epcot.

mfest2005 127 (90K)

Above: On the way in I saw these birds on a tree that is probably overlooking one of the animal enclosures around the Tree of Life (that can be seen behind the tree the birds are in.

mfest2005 128 (66K)

Below (remainder of page): Disney theme parks have detail in thier themng in places you wouldn't necessarilly expect it including the bathrooms, so when I get into a Disney World bathroom where i'm by myself i'm prone to snapping a few photos, which I'm thinking would be from the Pizzafari restauraunt.

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