Friday, December 2, 2005

Let it Snow

We had enjoyed our time in the park despite the fact that niether of us was at 100% (me from lack of sleep, and Carlene getting over her stomach bug) , but at this point we knew it was time to go get some sleep, on the way out of the park the parade was running since this would be the 10:45PM run of that parade which would probably make it a bit closer to 11 since it was a good way up Main Street already, and the snow helped to set the Christmas spirit.

mfest2005 110 (59K) mfest2005 111 (47K) mfest2005 112 (35K) mfest2005 113 (35K)

On our way across the lagoon we caught the General Joe Potter, I don't think the photos commemorating the individuals the ferries are named after were on the ships yet or I would have gotten photos of them, we got back to our hotel and were probably showered and asleep before midnight.

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