Honeymoon - October 31, 2002
Magic Kingdom, and back to Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Carlenes Photos - Roll 04

The pictures on this page are Carlenes pictures from the morning of the Train Tour, so if a lot of the things here look familiar yes they are the same things you saw on the last two pages, but Carlene only used a half roll of film this morning

168163-R1-1 (514K) 168163-R1-2 (436K) 168163-R1-3 (652K) 168163-R1-4 (622K) 168163-R1-5 (573K) 168163-R1-6 (337K) 168163-R1-7 (628K) 168163-R1-8 (531K) 168163-R1-9 (585K) 168163-R1-10 (556K) 168163-R1-11 (367K) 168163-R1-12 (504K) 168163-R1-13 (454K) 168163-R1-14 (471K) 168163-R1-15 (238K)

What goes up...get's a nice view!

As I mentioned on the previous page after the train tour we went back to our room and took a nap, after our nap, we went to Walgreens and picked up some of our rolls of film that I had dropped off before the nap, but, on the way back, we made another stop before heading to the park. We stopped at the hotel that had been behind us when we were at the former WDW preview center, you see, Carlene had noticed something about that hotel that I had not, it turns out it has one of those glass elevators that goes up the side of the building giving great views, so she figured we could go up in that and get a picture of the preview center from above, replicating the view in that early photo of the preview center on that pre-opening souvenir booklet I had.

168163-R1-16 (452K) 168163-R1-17 (476K) 168163-R1-18 (490K) 168163-R1-19 (490K) 168163-R1-20 (406K)

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