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SHOW NOTES Episode 10- The Magic Kingdom Steam Trains Tour - Part 1, and a "flood" of 2006 WDW postcards .

Upon returning from the Roundhouse we pulled up to Toontown Station where we...

167968-R1-0A (660K)

...blew down the muck out of the bottom of the boiler...

167968-R1-1A (686K)

...topped off the water...

167968-R1-2A (451K)

...and got some nice close up views...

167968-R1-3A (626K) 167968-R1-4A (680K) 167968-R1-5A (686K) 167968-R1-6A (631K) 167968-R1-7A (634K)

Above: foreground Engineer Danny, Background Show Engineer Mike
Below: Engineer Danny looks like he might be posing for someone else while Carlene and I pose in the foreground

167968-R1-8A (470K)

...if you ever get a chance to get a picture like this, one word of advice, wipe off the spot before you sit down or you'll get soot on your behind... we did...get soot that is

167968-R1-9A (631K) 167968-R1-10A (575K)

Theres an interesting exchange between the engineer and the folks in the entertainment department when we approached Main Street Station, they had just recently started having the character train when we took this trip, and apparently the entertainment folks didn't always make getting everything all clear and out of the way before the next engine came in a priority, while I don't think our engineer actually said anything to them the whistle of a steam engine can be a very expressive instrument, and he let them know that they needed to get things straight using that, at one point out tour guide, Jack, said "I think that was a dirty word".

167968-R1-11A (671K)

Above: Guest Service Manager Craig chatting with Engineer Danny, perhaps about the entertianment performers not clearing out (as mentioned above)?.

167968-R1-12A (603K)

Above: Show Engineer Mike

167968-R1-13A (406K)

above: Our guide dropped a coin in this Seeburg piano to entertain us while we waited for him to set up the next portion (and final presentation) of the tour.

167968-R1-14A (478K) 167968-R1-15A (674K) 167968-R1-16A (593K)

Our plans for that evening included taking in Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party, which runs until midnight, since this was such a long day we did decide to take a break after the tour, besides we had to move the car. On the way out we got a pew nice parting shots not only of the monorail, but also of one of the Ferries (above - General Joe Potter), and one of the Cruisers (below - Mermaid I)

167968-R1-17A (497K) 167968-R1-18A (399K) 167968-R1-19A (460K) 167968-R1-20A (464K) 167968-R1-21A (500K) 167968-R1-22A (357K) 167968-R1-23A (449K)
These last three photos are from the next roll of film.
168162-R1-0A (502K) 168162-R1-1A (475K)

Thanks To Zazu for information he added for both pages on the Steam trains Tour.

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