Mousefest 2006 - Epcot and the Mega Mouse Meet

Epcot - Watching plants Grow and Karaoke

Sounds from Karaoke at Kimonos that go with the photos towards the bottom of this page are in an episode of my podcast To open the sound file now,you can click on the following link OR right-click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive.
SHOW NOTES Karaoke from Kimonos Mousefest Dec. 9, 2006P

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On my way to the Disney podcast Networks "Watching Plants Grow meet I noticed this graphic on the windows of the Innoventions pavilion. Apparently "nothing says Innovention, like the term Dosdisk" since I think of DOS as something that had it's heyday before windows took off in the 90's I'm guessing others may as well, which might make this look a bit dated.

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Above: Yes that is how they grow Mickey shaped friuts!

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Above: I was in the group on the first tandem pair of boats, as you can see here there were enough DPNers to fill another pair as well.

Many of the Disney podcast Networks podcasters and a number of their fans were to meet up at the Land pavillion, this was another meet I was really looking forward to. actually this was a two part meet with many of the folks c ontinuing on to the Rose and Crown, I opted out of that part mostly because this was a super budget trip for us. Besides that by this time I was ready to meet back up with Carlene, I enjoyed my day, but I wanted to enjoy part of it with her too! When the Mega mouse Meet had wrapped up I took a cue from the day before and gave Carlene a call and let her know when and where to pick me up, that seemed to work out well, both the previous day, and this one. Once she did pick me up though, we didn't go too awfully far we decided to go get something to eat so we took a ride "around the block" to the Boarrdwalk shopping-dinding district to find a place to eat,I wanted to eat in this wrea so that after we ate we could head over to Kimonos for a Karaoke meet. After looking around the Boarkwalk a bit I started looking at my watch too and we dicided to just heed over to Kimonos and get something to eat there before this I had only had shushi one onther time in my life, but I enjoyed it enough that time, so that I wasn't apprehensive about it this time, it was nice to get the opportunity to try it again. Since just about everyone else who was coming to the meet was eating somewhere else first we were probably the first ones there this had a upside and a downside. Being some of the first folks there we got seat not far from the stage, but a lot of the folks who came in later sat in a long table together so it was sort of a trade off there, still fair enough, since Carlene and I hadn't had much time together until this point in the day it worked out fine, I still got to say hi to folks as they came in or went back and forth to the stage. The folks who chose to sing at this meet really sang pretty well.

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Above: The meets oranizer ddoll from tagrel sings "Caberet"
Below: Deb W taking a picture of ddoll

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Above: geri from tagrel sings "Caberet".
Below:Mike sings Venus to Deb W.

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Above and Below: Amy Stoll from Allearsnet sings "reflection from Mulan.

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Above: Tagrels JohnnyBlack sings "Mack the Knife"

Below: The meets oranizer ddoll from tagrel sings "I'm the only One"

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Above and Below: Me (Brian Martsolf) singing (a far too slow arangement of) "Til There was You" from the Music Man.

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