Mousefest 2006 - Epcot and the Mega Mouse Meet

Return to Epcot - Along Crescent Lake

The photos on this page are pretty self explanatory I had a nice walk from the Mega Mouse Meet back to Epcot (and took a side trip through the Yacht and Beach Clubs), I also submitted a few of them (as well as several others, including some from the walk over in the morning) to the contest held for photos to be used in Steve Barretts next book (The contest has ended winners have not yet been announced).

pict0248 (74K) pict0249 (47K) pict0250 (60K) pict0251 (52K) pict0252 (57K) pict0253 (44K) pict0254 (47K) pict0255 (53K) pict0256 (74K) pict0257 (64K) pict0258 (50K) pict0259 (66K) pict0260 (60K) pict0261 (42K) pict0262 (41K) pict0263 (42K) pict0264 (54K) pict0265 (49K) pict0266 (54K) pict0267 (63K) pict0268 (68K) pict0269 (70K) pict0270 (55K) pict0271 (62K) pict0272 (75K) pict0273 (65K) pict0274 (40K)

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