Mousefest 2006 - Epcot and the Mega Mouse Meet

The Mega Mouse Meet

As Soon as I walked into the hall the first words I heard were something like "podcasters one more shot" and then I saw a flash, I just missed the podcasters group picture this is probaably why I kept listing how I did too many things, took the wrong path on the way here. That said I don't even know if I've seen the podcaster group shot from the Mega Mouse Meet, and I certainly have seen myself in some other photos (and even vidcasts) here and there , so I guess I'm over that now ;-)

In 2005 I helped work the All Ears table, and registration, initially I had planned work the Allears Table again, though we knew fairly early on that the registration tables were taken care of this year. A few weeks before the event however I heard from Jana on the Let's Talk About Disney Podcast that they still needed staff for the kids table, since I knew that AllEars had quite a big staff lined up I checked with them and decided to help out with the kids area for part of the event, I was a little worried at first because I had been to the Dismeets event in Allentown earlier in the year and I remembered how busy thier kids area was, but it turned out the turnout in this kids area was quite light, it was no big deal, especailly sice the Ltad folks had so many things lined up (coloring books, word puzzles, and so forth) for the kids that did show up. After that I got to head out around the room and takled to a lot of folks. I did run back into James Souder and we got to get into the conversation we had started back at World Showcase when I bumped into him on the way to the meet, I talked to old RADP folks, I talked to podcasters, I went around and said hi to some of the folks whose stuff I read (especially those I had not met before Like Kevin Yee whos' photo is below on this page). I also pre purchased a copy of Charles Ridgeways new book Spinning Disneys World I stuck around through the door prize drawings, and then hung out and takled a bit more, eventually folks started breaking stuff down and taking it out, I looked around to see if anyone needed help as I felt like I hadn't done all that much to help ( like I said the kids area was easy) but most folks seeemed to have things well in hand so it mostly boiled down to getting to talk to these folks for a few minutes more before I left

pict0232 (49K) pict0233 (49K) pict0234 (42K) pict0236 (44K)

Below and Above: Tim Devine, I think that the photo above is the better one of Tim, but in the one bellow you can also see Steve Barrett.

pict0238 (44K) pict0239 (46K)

Above: Kevin Yee of
Below: ME, taken by one of the group of "wild women" Taginators (in matching shirts) after I took thier picture (with thier camera), they took mine (with mine).

pict0240 (34K) pict0240tie (13K) pict0242 (56K) pict0243 (49K) pict0244 (65K) pict0245 (20K) pict0246 (52K) pict0247 (53K)

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