Mousefest 2006 - Epcot and the Mega Mouse Meet

Good Morning

My timing this morning at Epcot was great, after passing through bag check, I walked up to one of the far turnstiles which only had a few people waiting for opening, and a few moments after getting in line they started letting us in. I didn't have much planned for the morning until the Mega mouse Meet, I had decided to do the Brunch at the Ball meet and I also planned, of course, to stop in at RADP XI before heading to the M.M.M. but, other than that I had a fairly blank slate.

pict0153 (63K) pict0154 (39K) pict0155 (53K)

I rented a locker in the first store on the right after you pass under Spaceship Earth (Camera Center), and when I came out said hi to several RADP folks heading into the park before heading over to the Fountain of Nations to try my hand at taking a video of the Fountain of Nations in one of it's quarter hourly shows.

pict0156 (63K) pict0157 (62K) pict0158 (63K)

After capturing my little video I decided to poke around Future World West and take a few pictures in part because the next event I saw coming up on the live entertainment schedule I had printed from Steve Soares site was in Future World West.

pict0160 (79K) pict0161 (68K) pict0162 (52K) pict0163 (73K) pict0164 (118K) pict0165 (58K) pict0166 (61K) pict0167 (65K) pict0168 (74K) pict0169 (65K) pict0170 (64K) pict0171 (78K)

After wandering around for a bit I saw it was nearing time for that Live Entertainment performance I noted, so I headed back to the Future World West stage.

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