Mousefest 2006 - Epcot and the Mega Mouse Meet

The Cyber Groove -"Segway" to a podcast

I pulled out my audio equipment and began to record before the Cyber Grove reached the stage, I had to dial down the input level as this group is heavily amplified, during their set I saw a Segway tour group come out, and so I snapped their photos as I continued to record.

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After Carol of the Bells, and the 80's medley that starts out with Princes' "1999", they eventually broke into some Disney material doing It's A Small World, and while they did that they did a little dance in the style of the audio animatronic dolls of that attraction. While still recording the Cyber Groove I ran into Mike Demopolis of MouseStation podcast of the mouse planet site (though at that time it had not been announced yet). As I was standing on the "discovery" circle while I recorded the Cyber Groove he asked me if I knew the story of it, I replied that I had heard it but I'd love for him to go over it for my listeners, he then realized that I was "live", and we launched into a description of it together taking turns reading the various quotes about Discovery that are in the center of this "sidewalk sculpture", He then talked a bit about how the outer circles, which are a list of some key human technological discovery's ranging from things like, "fire" on one of the innermost circles, to the Human Genome project on one of the outer circles, and I think that he mentioned the relationship of the principles referred to on those inner quotes about things like ingenuity and curiosity being the foundation on which these discoveries are built. Shortly after he had left and the Cyber Groove had finished I looked down at my MD player and saw the phrase DISK FULL on the screen, it turned out that I hadn't even gotten past the Cyber Grooves 80's medley before I had filled up the disk... I had recorded on it for most of the day before, so it was just foolish not to start a new disk for a new day, just another one of those little lessons of recording in the parks.

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