Mousefest 2006 - Epcot with Carlene

Setting sail from the seas to go on a Mission

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To the tune of "In the Big Blue World" from Nemo the musical.

In the big, Blue, bathroom,
I'll take a picture, yes
In the Big Blue Bathroom
I'm a mouse fan I Guess
So much blue tile here
all surrounding me
In the big blue bathroom
The de-cor reminds of the Sea

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As I mentioned on the title of this page we were going on a Mission, Mission: Space that is, I had ridden the Orange (spinny) version before, but this time, so we could both enjoy it, we were headed for the Green (non-spinning) team.

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Above and below: Both the art print above, and the big mural on the wall below feature art that also appeared on postcards.
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