Mousefest 2006 - Epcot With Carlene

Wonders of Life / Dinner

Since the Wonders of Life pavilion was open it was only natural to visit this pavilion, but I came away with mixed feeling sure it was nice to get to see it one more time (perhaps the last time), but there were so few people in the pavilion, so many non-functioning exhibits in the sensory fun house, having seen just how much foot traffic could be generated by a pavilion folks were excited to visit (The Land) it was a little sad to see this pavilion in sort of sad state.

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Above and Below: the Wonders of Life Pavilions trash cans are quite colorful.
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Above and Below: I think even by the time the show loaded there weren't more than a dozen of us.
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Above: I don't remember "Frontiers" I'm not sure if I ever visited it.
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We stopped and ate at the outdoor counter service restaurant in Mexico and I took some pictures of the Friendships that were out on the World Showcase Lagoon, I particularly liked this view below of Friendship I and II (below).

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