Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom Meets

More Island

As the meet was coming to an end I decided I wanted to take a little better look around the Island and started taking some photos. I didn't really plan it out though, and didn't think about the fact until later that I never went back up to the other half of the island, where the Fort is, I still took some interesting photos showing off some aspects of the island and those are featured on this page.

pict0380 (70K) pict0381 (73K) pict0382 (87K) pict0383 (56K)

There are two "mills" on the island a Windmill (that has had a broken blade fro quite some time now) and a water wheel driven mill, the windmill is all locked up, but the water driven mill is open to the public and had a scene in it taken more or less directly from a Disney short known as "The Old Mill", that short is famous for it was one of the earliest tests of the multi-plane camera. One scene in the old mill was of a bird in a nest in a hole where a peg of the mill work would turn the mill, when the storm comes the rope holding the blades breaks loose and it looks as if the bird may be crushed, but, the peg that would normally be expected to fill that hole is missing, now when I photographed this it freezes the scene to the point where you get no sense of the motion, and when I film it it comes out too dark (though you get the sense of motion), maybe if I put both photos and video up here it will give a fuller picture for you.

pict0384 (48K) pict0387 (100K) pict0388 (92K) pict0389 (88K)
Above: the three photos above nicely show Tom and Huck's salvage-built cabin, I especially like the children climbing tube designed to look like a smokestack.
Below: The next three views show the location this play area sits in high on the center ridge of the island yet quite near the end where Aunt Pollys' is.

pict0390 (95K) pict0391 (76K) pict0392 (102K)
Below: The next three views show the playhouse just a bit more.
pict0393 (100K) pict0394 (100K) pict0395 (115K) pict0396 (86K)
Below: The broken and closed windmill.
pict0397 (78K) pict0398 (57K) pict0399 (58K)
Above and Below: The Creepy Caves on Tom Sawyer Island, the hallway below is a good example of the use of forced perspective.
pict0400 (49K) pict0401 (33K) pict0402 (60K) pict0403 (51K)
Above and Below: some of the items in the building at the raft docks.
pict0404 (58K)
Below: One of the buildings on Tom Sawyers Island that I am very glad is not themed to it's time period! I'm very glad this is a clean shiny 21st century bathroom, even if it is on Tom Sawyer Island, well the music loop is 19th century though (yes there is music in this bathroom).
pict0405 (42K) pict0406 (49K) pict0408 (46K) pict0409 (82K) pict0410 (62K)

When I did get to the dock I had to wait a bit of extra time for a raft back to the mainland. It seems that one of the younger guests had sprain or broken ankle, he may have even been one of the kids that come over with the scavenger hunt, I'm not sure.

pict0411 (96K)

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