Mousefest 2006 - Magic Kingdom

Let's go climb a Tree!

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Above: even though I took a lot of photos of the Liberty Belle this trip I didn't get to take a trip on her this time around.

I had a bit of time to kill before the next thing I wanted to record on Main Street U.S.A. was coming up, and I was enjoying taking photos so I decided to "take the stairs" I headed over to the Swiss Family treehouse and see what I could see from there.

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After I came down from the tree I ran into Paul Barrie, and Rob (MKT3000) they were looking up at the tree so I stopped to see what they were looking at, it seems they had tried to take a picture of Patrick while he was up in the treehouse (he must have just been a few minutes behind me) but they said it went blurry when they tried to take it about that time Patrick got back and they broke the news to him suggesting he go back up, he decided against it, but it looks like he did go back at some point as their Flickr photos have a shot like that of him in the Mousefest set.

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